Extend the Value of Cisco UCM with Webex Hybrid Services

Want to make the most of your on-premises Cisco Unified Communication Manager deployment while taking advantage of Cisco Webex Cloud Services features? Cisco Webex Hybrid Services is the answer. Webex Hybrid Services bring cloud collaboration and premises-based call control together to deliver the enhanced functionality and rich end-user experiences of Webex while maximizing the return on your existing Cisco unified communication investments. With Webex Hybrid Services, you get complete and integrated experiences across calling, video conferencing, modern meetings, presence, IM, persistent chat, and content sharing.

Webex Hybrid Services can be provisioned, administered, and managed via the Cisco Webex Control Hub, a web-based, intuitive, single-pane-of-glass management portal. You can deploy the services that fit your current needs and add other services to enable new experiences when you are ready. Some Webex Hybrid services require Cisco Expressway to link your Cisco communication solution to the Webex cloud.


Cisco Webex Hybrid Services portfolio includes:

  • Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service
  • Cisco Webex Hybrid Message Service
  • Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service
  • Cisco Webex Hybrid Directory Service
  • Cisco Webex Hybrid Data Security Service


Cisco Webex Hybrid Call Service

Webex Hybrid Call Service provides seamless Webex Teams message and meeting capabilities in the Webex Collaboration cloud when paired with Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Cisco Business Edition 6000 or 7000, or Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution. Scenarios enabled by Webex Hybrid Call Service include:

  • Selecting a screen or application and instantly sharing it with remote meeting attendees in real-time.
  • Use Webex Teams as a softphone to make and receive calls just as if you were at your desk. You can use your office phone number across all your devices. When you receive a call, your desk phone, Cisco Jabber, and Cisco Webex Teams apps will simultaneously ring. Answering the call on any device stops the ringing on all the devices.
  • Add Cisco video devices, such as Webex Room Kits or Webex Boards to your dial plan to make and receive calls.
  • Access your call history, messaging, and calling interactions in the cloud.


Cisco Webex Hybrid Message Service

Cisco Webex Hybrid Message Service connects your Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM and Presence Service (IM and Presence Service) to Cisco Webex to enable interoperability with Cisco Webex Teams. The service acts as a messaging bridge between Webex Teams and Jabber client users. Scenarios enabled by the Cisco Webex Hybrid Message Service include:

  • Send and receive messages between Jabber and Webex Teams clients.
  • Enable the “Is Typing” indicator for one-to-one message conversations between Jabber and Webex Teams clients to see when the other user is typing a reply.
  • Enable the “read receipt” indicator for one-to-one message conversations between Jabber and Webex Teams clients to let users know if the recipient has read their message.
  • See the Presence status of other users based on their activity on the Cisco Webex Teams client from the Jabber client.


Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service

Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service simplifies scheduling and streamlines meeting workflow using information from your Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, or Google Calendar. Scenarios enabled by the Cisco Webex Hybrid Calendar Service include:

  • Easily schedule Cisco Webex Meetings and create Webex Teams spaces from your mobile phone. No plug-ins or manual cutting and pasting required.
  • View your calendar in Webex Teams without toggling back and forth between applications.
  • See a user’s out-of-office status and the time frame they will be gone.
  • See which recipients have accepted a meeting invitation.


Cisco Webex Hybrid Directory Service

The Cisco Webex Hybrid Directory Service securely synchronizes your on-premises Microsoft Active Directory users to Cisco Webex, eliminating the need to manage multiple directory databases. It offers an intuitive dashboard to set synchronization schedules, view status and events, and map user attributes. It also provides the Hybrid Directory Service, so end users get up-to-date directory content across Cisco Webex.


Cisco Webex Hybrid Data Security Service

Webex Hybrid Data Security Service enhances Cisco Webex’s end-to-end encryption; enabling you to deploy and control security-related functions, including key management services, to your on-premises data center. Deploying Webex Hybrid Data Security requires a significant commitment and a deep understanding of the inherent risks of owning encryption keys; however, it ensures you hold the key to your encrypted content.


Deploying Webex Hybrid Services

Cisco Webex Hybrid Services can extend the value of your on-premises unified communication solution with enhanced collaboration capabilities and seamless user experiences. Ready to start enjoying the features and benefits of Webex while maximizing the ROI on your existing on-premises equipment? Cerium can help with design recommendations, end-to-end deployment, end-user adoption strategies, and 24x7x365 support. Contact us today to learn more about Cisco Webex Hybrid Services, and the benefits Cisco Webex can offer your organization.

Cisco Webex: Technology that puts teams first

Cerium Networks can help you empower your workers to meet and collaborate from anywhere, as if they were sitting around the same table.

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