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K-12 & Higher Education

Inspire learning and connect your school

Advancements in technology have changed the way students learn. Educational institutions must respond quickly to increasing demands from students and faculty, while facing fixed or declining budgets and staff. Keeping students safe, and buildings operational, while ensuring network security is critical for today’s educators.

Leveraging technology can have dramatic results in improved communications and delivery of education, streamlined operations, and reduced costs. By making the network a platform that can deliver tools and processes, the school or district becomes more efficient and more accessible. Our strategic partnerships enable Cerium to provide flexible and scalable solution offerings.

For school leaders who seek innovative approaches to transforming education, Cerium’s portfolio of products, services, and solutions enables you to improve student outcomes, increase efficiency, enhance safety and security, and expand research capabilities.

Cerium participates in several government and education contract vehicles. These vehicles provide streamlined, easy-to-use processes and procedures for obtaining products and services.

Cerium solutions tailored for schools include:
  • Support hybrid classroom learning experiences, including HD video conferencing, available via remote and mobile access.
  • Create a safe and secure learning environment.  In an emergency, communicate securely with staff, students, and parents through notifications and unified communications.
  • Create immersive online virtual classrooms that let students and staff interact in 3D sessions using presentations, video, audio, and live chat, with experts from around the world.
  • Provide mobile access throughout the school. Keep administrators and teachers constantly reachable, wherever they are in the school.
  • Enable clear, timely communications that help you strengthen relationships and better coordinate collaboration among teachers, students, parents, and administrators by. Contact parents via voice, text, and email automatically.
  • In extraordinary circumstances, deliver reliable, intelligible communications to your entire community, and provide immediate access to information about critical situations.


Our Cerium account executive and solution architects helped us hone our vision into an actionable objective, showing us exactly what would deliver that vision.

— Snohomish SD, Executive Director of Technology

Higher Level IT Solutions for Higher Education

Undoubtedly, institutions for higher education serve one of the most sophisticated, technologically savvy users set, anywhere. Today’s college and university students are more connected than ever—from mobile devices, laptops and desktops to gaming systems and smart TVs. Whether they’re attending online classes, accessing library resources, collaborating via social media or streaming videos, the demands on your network can be considerable. Faculty and graduate research, heavy workloads, the need to transfer huge files and the simultaneous use of multiple applications and systems only add to the demand for reliable connectivity. From community colleges to multi-campus universities, we can design, configure, install, manage and maintain your network, technologies and applications.

  • Differentiate your institution in the marketplace when you use cost-effective mobile and wireless communications.
  • Keep staff, security, and maintenance personal reachable throughout the campus by leveraging BYOD with appropriate security.
  • Lower your infrastructure costs by implementing an open, flexible, standards-based communications platform that works with your existing campus applications.
  • Improve collaboration among students, faculty, and multi-institution teams. Expand campus contact center services and recruitment by supporting students across multiple communication channels, available on mobile devices.
  • Deploy creative digital learning solutions. Transform learning experiences with access to online courses, add HD multi-party video to instructor-led classes, and create immersive online classrooms via the cloud.
  • Connect using cloud-based collaboration. With cloud-based services, you can take advantage of a budget-friendly, pay-as-you-go options for access to communications and collaboration tools.

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Effective communication is the essential element found in all successful business relationships. Employee productivity and customer satisfaction can rise and fall based on this key element. Cerium is in the business of taking basic business communication to new levels of collaboration with our industry-leading solutions designed to keep workers and customers engaged. So, we understand the importance of effective communication.