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State & Local Government

Optimize operations, engage citizens, and empower employees.

We understand the unique IT challenges that state and local governments grapple with. From balancing the specific needs of their constituents to making sure they can ward off cyber attacks to ensuring seamless communication and collaboration across disparate locations.

From unified communications and collaboration, network security

Cerium, along with our ecosystem of manufacturer partners, is helping state and local governments transform processes, implement a secure architecture, and deliver visionary solutions like modern unified communications and collaboration technologies, cloud solutions and network security.

Protect citizens & public spaces.

Cerium provides converged network and physical security to help government agencies respond to emergencies and protect their citizens.

Cities & Communities

Drive growth, enhance citizen services, and improve economy with smart city solutions. Connect law enforcement, courts, and corrections.

Automate Justice Workflow

Improve efficiencies, increase safety and reduce costed through innovative new technologies.


Presence is tremendously undersold as a valuable tool. I can be sitting in a meeting, and a topic comes up which goes to a deeper dive than I can answer. I fire up Skype for Business on my smartphone, and I use presence to see which of three people can answer me in real time. Without presence, I’d be dialing for dollars to find someone available.

Gary Leaf, Chief Information Officer for KCHA

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Cerium Expands into Utah

Headquartered in Spokane, WA, Cerium Networks operates from eight offices across the Northwest, employing more than 175 technology professionals, including some of the most highly skilled engineers and solutions architects in the industry. Cerium recently expanded its...

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our element is communication


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Effective communication is the essential element found in all successful business relationships. Employee productivity and customer satisfaction can rise and fall based on this key element. Cerium is in the business of taking basic business communication to new levels of collaboration with our industry-leading solutions designed to keep workers and customers engaged. So, we understand the importance of effective communication.

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