Technology solutions that don’t get adopted have little business value

User Adoption Services

To stay relevant, competitive, and successful in today’s world, we are expected to adopt technology solutions at a faster rate than ever before. As technology becomes more complex, implementing new collaboration solutions can be more time-consuming, confusing, and disruptive for your end-users and therefore, your business.

Effective user adoption is a critical factor for a successful deployment and ROI. It requires a comprehensive strategy that minimizes user frustration, resistance, and disruptions while achieving their buy-in and commitment to start using a new solution as soon as it is deployed. The quicker users embrace a new collaboration solution and use it to its fullest extent within the scope of their role, the quicker it will start delivering a return on investments.

Cerium User Adoption experts take a consultative approach to align change management, communication, training, and support strategies with our client’s business objectives.

user adoption

Some of the user adoption challenges we see affecting the return on technology investments include:

  • Failure to account for generational learning differences slowing time to adoption
  • Hybrid, remote, and return-to-the-office strategies create hurdles to adoption
  • Steep learning curves for complicated technology and complex workflows that require more support for users to fully leverage all the features of a new collaboration solution

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