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Technology plays a vital role in business today, and IT leaders are aligned more than ever with their companies business needs and strategies. Cerium’s C>I>O engagement methodology takes a holistic approach to ensure your technology investments are in alignment with your business strategies.

Technology has a significant and positive impact on business when it’s correctly planned and integrated. It provides the tools to be competitive in the marketplace, allows workers to be more efficient, and produces outcomes required for your business strategies.

Our Consult > Integrate > Operate engagement methodology was developed to help companies plan for and realize the positive impact of technology on their business operations, strategies and user experiences.

Cerium Engagement Methodology

Cerium Networks’ 17+ years of successfully migrating networking and communication technologies provide our team with a deep understanding and capabilities to engage with you and your organization.

A holistic approach to align technology investments to business strategies:

  • Define desired business outcomes
  • Identify success criteria
  • Envision the solution
  • Environment readiness assessment
  • LAN/WAN network assessment
  • Operations role mapping
  • User experience
  • Communication & adoption plan
Leverage and integrate solutions to deliver the greatest value.

  • Site readiness
  • Basic dial plan provisioning
  • UC provisioning
  • WAN & PSTN connectivity
  • Integration & implementation
  • End-user training
Continuous support and improvement of your IT environment.

  • Cerium Support Center
  • Cerium managed services
  • Manufacturer support
  • Ongoing call quality monitoring services
  • Optimization & migration

our element is communication


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Effective communication is the essential element found in all successful business relationships. Employee productivity and customer satisfaction can rise and fall based on this key element. Cerium is in the business of taking basic business communication to new levels of collaboration with our industry-leading solutions designed to keep workers and customers engaged. So, we understand the importance of effective communication.