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Assess the Risks

Now is the time to stop and take stock of your cybersecurity defenses

CyberSecurity Assessment Services

Our cybersecurity experts help organizations quantify and understand their risks. Our assessments deliver actionable insights and concrete guidance for minimizing cyber risk and enhancing the resiliency and strength of our client’s cybersecurity posture.
Our security assessments probe for vulnerabilities contained in network protocols, network services, and applications. They establish a baseline for existing security measures, identify gaps, and provide a strategic, risk-based roadmap for moving forward. 

Ethical Hacker Approach

Our security consultants function as ethical hackers utilizing the same tools and methods that the bad guys use. With one big difference; our testing is performed from an auditor’s perspective.  

Managed Security Services

Build on your cybersecurity technology foundation with a knowledgeable team, mature processes, and proven best practices to grow your security maturity

PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 Compliancy

Cerium offers a comprehensive assessment of data safety and security to help ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations and standard requirements.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework defines four implementation tiers used to gauge the level of an organization’s cybersecurity maturity. We use this framework to benchmark our client’s cybersecurity program’s status, identify programmatic strengths and weaknesses, raise awareness of cybersecurity risks,  and promote enterprise-level cybersecurity controls.  Our approach ensures a client’s inherent risk profile is appropriate in relation to their cybersecurity maturity and identifies specific areas not aligned with specific recommendations for developing a  strategy to improve that maturity level.

Our Approach to a Business-Driven Technology Strategy

By helping our clients through essential milestones across the entire technology lifecycle, they are able to realize the maximum impact on their business with the technology solutions they invest in.

Comprehensive, End-to-End Lifecycle Services

We align our ability to provide strategic advice with expert services that span the technology lifecycle. This ensures that no implementation is just a technology project and that the solution choices our clients make will serve as the right foundation for driving better customer experiences (CX) and achieving business-driven outcomes.

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Planning & Assessment

Define What's Possible

Take stock of the technology you have, understand how it’s used, determine what your future direction should be, and develop a roadmap to get there.


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Assess the Risks

Now is the time to take stock of your cybersecurity defenses


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Integration & Optimization

Doing it Right the First Time

Leveraging automation and software-defined solutions to help clients scale, reduce risk, and return value to the business operations.


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User Adoption


Successful adoption is the single most important factor impacting the return on technology investments.


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Managed Services

Peace of Mind

Our proactive approach prevents IT problems from occurring before they can disrupt business operations.


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Cerium as a Service

Simple & Flexible

When clients need our broad & deep expertise and the flexibility to use us on an as-needed basis.
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