Solutions that enable security,  resilience, and operational efficiency

Between complex supply chain parameters and shrinking natural resources-not to mention intense regulation-companies in the oil, gas and energy industries have always experienced a great deal of challenge. This is only compounded by the fact that these businesses are often also saddled down by aging infrastructure and legacy technologies. Add to this the need to guard against cyber threats through network segmentation and data protection. Cerium Networks works with utilities to develop IT solutions that meet business requirements and further regulatory compliance.

Improve risk management

Improve Risk management with best of breed cyber risk management technologies to protect your network infrastructure at multiple points of vulnerability.

Enhance innovation via Cloud-based technology

Whether you are looking to take advantage of a cloud-based voice, video, mobility or presence solution, our engineers can design a cloud solution that drives innovation so that your business can stay competitive.

Improve collaboration

With your workers likely scattered across the globe, leverage our collaboration and visualization technologies to bring remote resources together across time zones for maximize efficiency.

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Cerium Networks is pleased to announce the formation of the Sales and Design Associates (SADA) team to enhance our sales process. The SADA team plays an important role reinforcing Cerium’s company-wide philosophy that places customers first, above anything else. The...

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The Need for I.T. Project Managers

Written by: Mike Portera Director, PMO MPM, PMP Michael Smith, Sr. Project Manager EE, MBA, PMP Tamar Witmer, Sr. Project Manager BSM, PMP   Project management is playing an increasingly important role as organizations race to adopt new technologies. Project...

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