Managed Services

Don’t fix your problems, prevent them

Cerium’s proactive managed services detect and resolve problems before they become a crisis. Ensure your systems are stable and secure while avoiding disruption and minimizing downtime common with break-fix solutions.

Problem Solving

Cerium’s proven managed services processes and best practices will help you improve operations, cut expenses, and keep your mission-critical systems protected and performing optimally 24/7. Cerium offers high quality, reliable support for a diverse array of products and solutions from Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft and many other leading technology manufacturers. And, unlike other managed service offerings, Cerium utilizes our full range of services to develop customized solutions to meet your needs.

Cerium Networks & Healthcare Resource Group: A Managed Services Partnership

There have been over 14 years of history between Healthcare Resource Group (HRG) and Cerium Networks. CFO of HRG, Kris Ditzier, explains why managed services and support has been the most impactful for HRG. Cerium provides IT support and monitoring services, allowing HRG to focus on the most challenging work.

With Cerium’s proactive managed services, you get:

  • Support transitioning from break-fix to a managed services model
  • Predictable, affordable monthly pricing — no hidden charges
  • Intuitive dashboard providing real-time visibility to all monitored devices
  • Access to the Cerium 1463° Support Portal to track and manage trouble tickets
  • Customized KPI reporting that measures performance against SLA benchmarks
  • Monthly consultation and business review with metric reporting
  • Continuous recommendations and best practice guidelines

Select the level of service that best fits your needs

Regardless of which service level you choose, you’ll always have 24/7 access to our dedicated managed services team. A team that will free you up so you can focus on your core business, while we keep your business technology stable and secure.


For organizations with IT engineering resources, but still need a little help


For organizations that want to extend their IT engineering resources team 


For organizations with limited IT engineering resources, and need more hands-on support

Universal Advanced Elite





24x7 Proactive Monitoring & Management
RMM Ticketing Integration
Threshold Optimization
Client Portal Access
Help Desk Support


Support Engineering Team
Vendor Escalation Management
Escalation ManagementSystem Diagrams
Runbook Documentation
Product Awareness


Problem Management
Device Action Plans
Operating Procedures
Change Management Participation


Major Incident Management
Backup Completion
Log & Event Review
Product Expertise — Tier 3
Change Management
Critical Service Verification


Stability Maintenance
Performance Analysis
Project Road Map Planning
Recommendations / Trending Issues
Virtual Operations Management


Preventative Maintenance
Scripting & Automation
Business Service Mapping
Standard Changes Tier 3
Standard Changes Tier 2
Standard Changes Tier 1

Learn more about the features included in each service level

On-Site Support

If your organization requires on-site support, Cerium can provide certified technicians to perform day-to-day maintenance and repair.

Cerium 1463°

The Cerium 1463° Support Portal was created to provide better access to support tickets and alarms. Its clean and easy interface helps you easily create and modify support tickets, see history of resolved tickets, and view past alarms.

Connect with a Cerium Managed Services Expert!

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