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With a broad portfolio and extensive expertise, Cerium Networks can help you cut through complexity to strengthen and streamline your defenses against cyber threats. Protect your organization from costly data breaches with a cohesive approach to cybersecurity aligned with your business objectives.

Assess the Maturity of
Your Cybersecurity Programs

Do you fully understand your risks and security gaps? Now is the time to stop and take stock of your cybersecurity defenses. Cerium Networks cybersecurity experts can help you quantify and understand your risks. Our assessments deliver actionable insights and concrete guidance for minimizing your cyber risk and enhancing the resiliency and strength of your cybersecurity posture.

Are you compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001? Cerium Networks offers a comprehensive assessment of your data safety and security to help ensure compliance with ever-changing regulations and standard requirements.

Cerium Networks
Managed Security Services

Proactive monitoring and management that eliminates the challenges of fine-tuning alerts, alarm fatigue, and resource shortages. Build on your cybersecurity technology foundation with a knowledgeable team, mature processes, and proven best practices to grow your security maturity. Simplify security and risk with continuous, value-driven monitoring, management, and threat intelligence backed by global expertise and an integrated security portfolio.

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