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Cisco Webex Accessibility Features and Tips.

Cisco Webex Accessibility Features and Tips

Cisco Webex Teams, Webex Meetings, and Webex Events support a variety of accessibility features designed to help people with disabilities use Webex solutions more easily.

Features for Deaf or Low Hearing Users

Sign Language Interpreters
By default, Webex Meetings automatically switches the main video feed to feature the active speaker on screen. However, the host or presenter can lock focus on a specific participant, even when others are speaking. This feature is particularly useful for keeping a sign language interpreter front and center throughout a meeting or event, so all of the participants can see what is being discussed.
Meeting participants also have options for keeping a sign language interpreter in view throughout a meeting or event, for example:

  • Locking the thumbnail video of the interpreter in Active Speaker and Thumbnail view.
  • Switching to Grid view. In Grid view, up to sixteen participants can be displayed on the screen at the same time.
  • Selecting Floating view when content is being shared in the main video feed. In Floating view, video panels can be resized and rearranged to keep both the interpreter and the presentation on the screen.


Closed Captioning
Enable closed captioning during meetings to display transcriptions in the Webex Media View panel. Webex supports three methods of closed captioning:

  • One of the meeting participants can be the designated captionist to transcribe the meeting in real-time. A window is provided for the captionist to the right of the meeting window to enter text during the meeting.
  • Third-party closed captioning services are available to provide online transcription during a Webex session. Check with the captioning services vendor to see if they offer preferred Webex pricing.
  • Webex Assistant for Meetings uses speech-to-text AI to provide automated closed captions. As participants speak, Webex Assistant automatically displays the captioning above the meeting controls.


Features for Blind or Low-Vision Users

Screen Reader Support
Webex is designed to work with the latest version of the JAWS screen reader distributed by Freedom Scientific. Keyboard shortcuts are supported for screen readers. Unfortunately, screen readers are unable to read shared content from presentations, applications, and desktops.


Low Vision Support
Cisco Webex supports accessibility features for users with low-vision, including:

  • The application supports the high-contrast mode of Windows operating system and Chrome browser.
  • The application supports the zoom functionality of Windows and the resizing and zoom features of Chrome.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Users with Limited-Mobility

Webex supports keyboard shortcuts that provide users with limited-mobility an alternative to using a mouse for navigation and accessing features. Keyboard shortcuts can also save time and reduce mouse clicks. Sending out links to keyboard shortcuts to meeting participants ahead of time may be beneficial for all and is particularly helpful for assistive technology users.

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