Webex Meetings

& Teams

Work smarter with Webex meetings and Teams

Cisco Webex offers a complete collaboration suite that enables a new way of working. It connects teams and provides a continuous, connected, contextual workstream.
Cognitive capabilities within the platform work with Webex hardware (devices) and software (apps and services) to create a true and connected cognitive collaboration experience.

With cognitive collaboration, organizations and teams can become more productive by leveraging contextual intelligence through AI and ML to remove mundane tasks, increase meeting efficiency, and build more meaningful relationships.

People Context

Receive relevant
information about people’s
profiles and actions, create
more meaningful customer
journeys, and develop
stronger relationships.

Business Workflows

Get workflow predictions
based on prior behaviors
and receive improved
processes, experiences,
and outcomes.

Data Insights

Receive relevant
information, bridging the
productivity gap, based on
learnings from user profiles,
feedback, responses,
preferences, and

Workspace Intelligence

Experience accelerated
decision-making and more
intuitive collaboration that
adapts to different types of
user interactions and

Smart Devices for

Smarter Communications

Webex Share

Easily share an app or your whole screen on an HD display without dongles or wires.

Webex Board

All-in-one device for team collaboration

Webex Room Series

Intelligent devices made simple for every space.

Cisco Headsets

Enjoy a premium audio experience in a sleek form factor for open workspaces.