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Webex Personal Room vs. Standard Scheduled Webex Meetings

When to use each

With many new features and tools available on Cisco Webex meetings, it can be tough to know when to use a Cisco Webex personal room meeting versus a standard scheduled meeting. Here’s how to determine which to pick.

Take a minute to answer the three questions below:

  1. Is this a scheduled, set meeting with multiple occurrences?
  2. Do you want guests to be able to enter the meeting and start it before you join?
  3. Do you want to require attendees to register for your meeting?

If you answered yes to any of the above, schedule a standard meeting. With standard Webex meetings, you can schedule single or recurring meetings, require registration for the meeting, and allow attendees to join the meeting up to 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Each meeting has a unique URL for users to join, and a unique video address if users dial in by video.

You can also allow others to host the meeting or schedule a meeting on your behalf. (Just a note, passwords are required on all Standard Meetings, as of 2020.)

Personal room meetings are best when setting up an impromptu meeting, or if you have back-to-back meetings and would like to stay in your personal room as people come and go. Think of it a little bit like “office hours,” where attendees can drop in as necessary.

Once you are in your meeting, you can lock your personal room. Attendees wait in a virtual lobby until you let them in. This can be done manually or set to automatically lock 0–20 minutes after you start a meeting.

If you are looking for an in-depth breakdown of each option’s capabilities, head to Cisco’s Webex Help Center to learn more.

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