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CeriumSky Cloud Solutions

CeriumSky – cloud solutions that reign

Cerium’s cloud solutions offer cutting-edge innovation, in a highly scalable and flexible service model. As a partner of the most highly regarded industry providers, we put together the ideal solutions for our customers. Whether it is all-in-the-cloud or hybrid, we can help:

  • Understand and choose the right cloud approach with assessments and pilot migrations.
  • Modernize applications that enhance the scale, cost and flexibility of the cloud, while still retaining control and extending the value of existing systems.
  • Standardize and consolidate your IT infrastructure and help strengthen governance and reduce risk.

That’s where Cerium can help. We provide the council, experience and expertise to understand your needs, develop the best total solution and then integrate, support and optimize it over time.

We are here to stay 

Niche cloud providers will come and go, Cerium Networks has been a leading provider of collaboration, network infrastructure and security solutions for nearly two decades. Our matured set of best practices and a deep understanding of the way people work creates a unique, multi-faceted approach to the successful deployment of cloud solutions.

Cerium’s cloud solutions include:
  • Avaya IP Office in the Cloud
  • Cisco Meraki (Cloud WiFi)
  • Cisco Spark
  • Five9 (Contact Center in the Cloud)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Skype/Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Exchange

Our Approach to Cloud

Cloud services are a real-time service and there is more to do to achieve quality than just switch it on. It is key to understand that when planning to consume a real-time cloud service there are activities and outcomes that your project needs to address.  It all starts with is the cloud right for your organization.  Does it meet business requirements, reliability, accessibility, and security needs of your organization?   Using our C>I>O Approach,  we take a holistic view of all the aspects involved in meeting your business and technical goals.   

Using a vendor neutral, consultative approach, Cerium offers a portfolio of solutions and products, as well as our knowledge and expertise to help you choose a cloud strategy that enables your organization to achieve positive business outcomes.

We provide guidance across all deployment models—public, private and hybrid—helping you decide what approach is right for your organization’s needs.

Consult Integrate Operate


Industry leading cybersecurity products

Mitigation of policy requirements & vulnerabilities

System security configuration


Industry leading cybersecurity products

Mitigation of policy requirements & vulnerabilities

System security configuration


Industry leading cybersecurity products

Mitigation of policy requirements & vulnerabilities

System security configuration

Consult Integrate Operate


Before, if I wanted to work on a document, I used to have to come in on the weekend to work on it. Now I can work on it at home via O365. We have executives that are traveling, and this gives them access from the airport, or on the plane, or in the office — tremendous flexibility.

— Director of Accountability, Workforce Central

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Effective communication is the essential element found in all successful business relationships. Employee productivity and customer satisfaction can rise and fall based on this key element. Cerium is in the business of taking basic business communication to new levels of collaboration with our industry-leading solutions designed to keep workers and customers engaged. So, we understand the importance of effective communication.

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