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Top 7 Challenges IT Leaders will face in 2022, and what they can do about them

The Top 7 challenges IT leaders will face in 2022, written by Paul Heltzel for, outlines some of the ongoing hurdles IT leaders should be prepared to deal with over the coming year. While these issues aren’t new, many have been heightened by a rapidly changing workforce and the shift to accommodate hybrid work environments driven by the pandemic. If you need help facing these challenges, Cerium Networks offers a wide range of solutions and services to help IT leaders turn these challenges into opportunities.

Challenge 1: Competition for Talent

While the distributed workforce has expanded the talent pool, there still aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill the growing number of open IT positions. Cerium has talent that can fill nearly every gap your organization is facing. Cerium can be an extension of your IT Team with proactive managed services, staff augmentation, and Cerium Assure consulting services for consistent technical oversight and expert guidance.

Challenge 2: Skillset Mismatch

Many organizations have gaps between the skills their workers possess and the skills they need to stay competitive over the next three to five years. Our service capabilities put Cerium in a unique position to help fill those gaps. Cerium experts have extensive experience with the latest advanced technology solutions and strategies and receive ongoing training on the latest industry best practices and emerging trends.

Challenge 3: Maintaining Hybrid Environments

Organizations need a consistent, reliable communication and collaboration system that seamlessly connects workers from dispersed locations and empowers workers in the office with enhanced conferencing tools. Cerium’s core business is designing, implementing, and supporting unified communication, conferencing, and contact center solutions. We are communication experts, uniquely qualified to address your collaboration needs.

Challenge 4: Combatting Cybercriminals

Cyberattacks are expected to grow in number and sophistication, with ransomware continuing to be the biggest security issue over the coming year. Cerium Security Services can help you prevent, detect, and respond to attacks by putting the right tools and intelligence in the hands of the right people. We offer a wide range of cybersecurity strategies and solutions that provide insights across your entire organization to protect your users and secure your infrastructure.

Challenge 5: Technology Shortages

Fallout from supply chain disruptions and global microchip shortages has many organizations facing higher prices and longer lead times for critical infrastructure projects. Cerium actively monitors this critical issue, and we partner with dozens of tier-one technology manufacturers and solution providers to ensure we have an abundance of alternative sources and strategies for procuring hardware, software, and services. We have the experience to lead you through innovative solution design and development to keep your organizations moving forward.

Challenge 6: Employee Burnout

Nearly 75% of departing employees cite stress and burnout as key reasons for leaving their job. As increasing workloads continue to outpace IT budgets, workers get frustrated with complicated, outdated technology and expect the same simplicity and instant gratification from work applications they experience with their consumer applications. As technology becomes more complex, deploying new solutions can be more time-consuming, confusing, and disruptive for users. Cerium delivers solutions that simplify workflows, and proven technology adoption services can help you support your end-users during a transition to fulfill your new solution’s potential.

Challenge 7: Driving Change

The ability to drive transformative changes in uncertain times is a critical leadership skill that will be invaluable over the coming year. Cerium consultants have a proven track record of helping organizations navigate change. We facilitate digital transformations by providing leaders with a better understanding of where their organization is today, what is possible, and a clear vision of the end state.

Overcoming 2022’s IT Challenges With Confidence

2022 is certain to be a year of change with exciting opportunities, innovative new technologies, and a myriad of IT challenges. Overcoming these challenges while managing operations and driving strategic initiatives can be overwhelming. However, Cerium Networks can help you prepare to meet these challenges head-on. According to Don Walde, Cerium Networks Vice President of Sales, “We work every day with clients across all industry sectors to address these challenges and more. Cerium is continually adjusting its offerings to meet new and emerging IT challenges. Our consultative approach and extensive expertise enable us to empower our clients with effective guidance and actionable recommendations for navigating IT challenges.”

Cerium Can Help!

Our experts are here to help you meet these challenges head-on. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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