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Using AI to Enhance the Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping contact center operations through the use of virtual agents, speech-to-text capabilities and many other digital capabilities that weren’t possible just a few years ago. Although AI integration is meant to drive better customer experiences, it also improves agent productivity and efficiency.

This is why about 80 percent of contact center leaders in the U.S. say they plan to deploy AI within the next two years. They expect AI to facilitate smoother and simpler customer engagements through reduced wait times, more self-service features, better agent efficiency and faster problem resolution.

However, there’s often a gap between an organization’s desire to implement AI and the ability to manage it properly. One study finds that about a third of AI projects don’t meet their goals, often due to overly complex management requirements.

A Simpler and More Seamless Approach

Genesys offers a more straightforward path to contact center AI with Genesys Cloud CX, a complete digital customer engagement solution. Genesys Cloud CX creates a scalable environment for contact center operations with a single solution that brings the best of AI chatbots and human support together. It delivers value in weeks, making it easier than ever to address customer support needs.

Genesys’ chatbots and virtual digital assistants (VDAs) are key to the system’s efficiency, leveraging natural language processing (NLP) to automate many tasks. They use a voice interface to enable natural and seamless conversations between humans and computers, which allows contact center agents to offload many routine and repetitive tasks and focus on more complex customer inquiries.

Unlike other chatbots that are designed to carry out scripted conversations, Genesys Cloud CX chatbots master context and content across conversations. Customers converse with these virtual agents through voice or text in a natural, human-like way and receive instant and accurate responses. Behind the scenes, AI chatbots also support and empower agents with valuable information during live customer interactions.

More than Bots

Of course, a contact center AI solution requires more than chatbot assistance. Genesys Cloud CX creates a true omnichannel experience, allowing customers to communicate with your business across the following communication channels:

  • Live chat. Genesys Cloud CX’s live chat software can be embedded in websites to create dynamic customer experiences. The embedded software gives website visitors the opportunity to engage by chat with a contact center agent. When necessary, you can turn any live chat into a video session for visual demonstrations or consultations.
  • Messaging apps. With more than 4 billion monthly active users, messaging apps have become perhaps the most popular personal communication channel. According to one recent study, 89 percent of consumers would also like to use these asynchronous apps to communicate with businesses. Genesys Cloud CX supports numerous messaging channels, including SMS/text, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Microsoft Teams.
  • Social media. Consumers want to directly engage with businesses through social media interfaces such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter. However, many contact center solutions require support team members to toggle between screens or tools to manage those conversations. Genesys Cloud CX consolidates all social media interactions into a unified back-end workspace. Support teams can understand the full context of every conversation and deliver faster, more personalized service.
  • Email. Genesys Cloud CX treats emails just like all other channels — assigning, routing and transferring inquiries based on business rules and resource availability. In addition to centralized routing and reporting, Genesys creates a common customer record and has the ability to maintain conversations across channels.

AI-powered contact centers introduce new efficiencies that improve interactions for both customers and agents. Contact us to learn more about using Genesys Cloud CX to create a comprehensive customer engagement solution.

Genesys Cloud CX

Contact us to learn how the Genesys Cloud CX solution can help you use AI to create more meaningful customer engagements.
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