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Remote Monitoring and Management

One of the most compelling managed IT services Cerium Networks offers is 24x7x365 remote monitoring and management (RMM) of your network. Our certified support engineers monitor the health status of your infrastructure to help diagnose, notify, and resolve problems before they become critical. Cerium RMM enables you to focus on your business with the assurance a team of experts is keeping your network operating at peak performance and keeping your data safe.

How Cerium RMM Works

The foundation of Cerium RMM is Cerium Vision, Powered by WatchGuard. Cerium Vision employs a relatively inexpensive WatchGuard Firebox appliance attached to your LAN which builds a secure TLS tunnel to an isolated management network reserved for you. This TLS tunnel is used to monitor the health, configuration changes, and disaster recovery state of your network devices. The TLS tunnels are also used by Cerium to remotely resolve your network issues, update your software, and administer patches on multiple machines at multiple locations without the hassle and expense of traveling from site to site.

All network traffic through the Cerium Vision infrastructure is logged by WatchGuard Dimension, a proprietary Syslog server which is enabled on all the WatchGuard Firebox appliances connected to Cerium Vision. WatchGuard Dimension identifies and distills significant network traffic, events, and trends, and provides Cerium with an unprecedented view our monitoring applications and engineers in action. Cerium Vision Powered by WatchGuard brings enterprise-grade monitoring and support technologies to you, without the associated complexity and cost, of managing on-premise solutions.

Device information collected through Cerium Vision is fed into a Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor to deliver real-time monitoring and reporting of your network activity. If Solarwinds detects a problem, an alert is sent to our support team, and the issue is resolved remotely. In many cases, problems are identified and solved before they can affect your users. The insight we gain from Cerium Vision and SolarWinds is used to ensure your machines are kept up-to-date and operating optimally. Additionally, Solarwinds Server and Application Monitor can be deployed to monitor the application layer of the critical business services your network provides. By adding In-depth application monitoring, Cerium can uncover performance bottlenecks and identify whether issues are network, server, or application related.

Cerium RMM Pricing

Cerium offers RMM services to our clients at predictable flat monthly rates. We offer tiered packages, priced at graduated levels based on the number of devices to be monitored and the level of services provided, with ala carte pricing for additional managed services. Our RMM packages are flexible. Pricing levels can be adjusted as your needs change, so you won’t get locked into paying for services you don’t use. Cerium RMM’s predictable, low-risk exposure model reduces network TCO by eliminating the need for hiring experiences support engineers or investing in sophisticated monitoring and management tools.

Considering RMM?

With Cerium RMM, you can rest easy knowing our team of experts is working proactively around the clock to keep your network secure and running smoothly. It can help you avoid losses due to network downtime and empower your IT resources to focus on higher-value activities. If you are interested in learning more about how RMM can benefit your organization, contact Cerium for a free consulting engagement with one of our managed services experts. We can help you weigh the costs and benefits of Cerium Networks RMM for your organization.

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