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Webinar Replay: Rethinking the Firewall

The firewall has traditionally been the cornerstone of network security. It was designed based on the notion that internal traffic and users were inherently trustworthy, and external traffic wasn’t, thus creating a boundary – or perimeter – between networks. This network perimeter became the logical security control point to protect the entire organization.

Since then, the way we work and the network boundaries have changed. Many business-critical applications moved from data centers and premises-based networks to the cloud. Branch offices now connect directly to the internet, and users can access resources from anywhere (at the airport, on their own devices, at home, etc.). These new developments require re-thinking the firewall and approaching network security with a more holistic approach.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The new features and simplified operational management of Cisco’s new Firepower Security Appliances
  • Multi-layered threat protection that comes with Cisco’s new 1000, 2000, 4000, and 9000 series Firepower appliances.
  • How Cisco’s Cloud-based Defense Orchestrator (CDO) can help your organization consistently manage policies across Cisco firewalls and public cloud infrastructure, reduce complexity, save time, and keep your organization protected.
  • Scale, performance, and agility as Cisco Firepower NGIPS solution and Firepower Management Center available for VMware platforms
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