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Microsoft & AudioCodes Making Teams Available for Everyone

Teams is a part of Office 365. If your organization is licensed for Office 365, you already have it.  But Microsoft wants to make sure everyone has access to it during this time.

Microsoft O365 Plan E1 is free for 6 months

  • If you aren’t currently licensed for Teams, Microsoft has you covered with a free Office 365 E1 offer for six months. Contact your Cerium account team to get started today.
  • Includes Microsoft Teams with the user limits removed.
  • Microsoft Teams can be used for 1:1 chats, video calls, and voice calls. Storage space increased to 10Gbs
  • Teams Meetings are being added to the E1 6-month deal, but it’s not available yet – STAY TUNED
  • Phone system for Microsoft Teams is not included (If you wanted to dial into a conference or dial out to order a pizza).   Engage your Cerium account team for this work.

Education Clients

  • If you work in education and want to set up teachers, students, and administrators on Teams, use Office 365 A1. This free version of Office 365 is available to all educational institutions.


Audiocodes support Coronavirus work-at-home effort with free session border controller licenses:

Work at home offer for new customers: 

  • 30 SBC sessions for 90 days
  • 300 SBC FEU (far end-users) for 90 days
  • Price of hardware platform (like m800) is not included in the free offer

Work at home offer for existing customers:

  • Double the number of SBC sessions  – free for 90 days
  • Double the number of Webrtc Sessions  – free for 90 days
  • Unlimited addition of FEU (far end users) for 90 days (as many as needed for work-at-home)
  • A support contract for the sessions is not included in the free offer
  • Price of any platform (like M800 or MSW/HIGH ) is not included in the free offer

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