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EHR Contact Center Integration

Integrating EHR into Clinical Contact Center Workflows

You are at home, it’s the middle of the night, and you are in pain. You call your healthcare provider and listen to a long list of options and instructions before being routed to the nurse on call; only to be put on hold while they search for your medical records. When you are in pain or filled with anxiety, waiting even a few minutes on hold can seem like an eternity. Time spent locating patient records also means the nurse on call is spending more unproductive time with each patient when saving even a few seconds per call could add up to substantial time savings.

Can your contact center solution recognize a calling number, automatically open the patient’s health care records and display them on an interactive dashboard? With pertinent information at their fingertips, your staff could save several seconds per call, improve the average speed to answer, reduce abandonment rates, and, most importantly, enable caregivers to spend more quality time interacting with patients.

Integrating patient electronic health records (EHR) into your contact center application opens numerous possibilities for streamlining clinical workflows, reducing costs, increasing efficiencies, and improving the patient journey. In addition to EHR screen pops, it enables self-service options through your interactive voice response to automate tasks that don’t require human intervention, such as making or canceling an appointment, paying their bill, or getting details about a prescription.

According to Susan Anderson, Cerium Networks’ Vice President of Technical Sales and a leading authority on omnichannel contact centers, “Creating a differentiated patient experience exists today through how contact center solutions interact with the data that is available through systems like EHR. From making routing and resource selection decisions, presenting and capturing patient information in consolidated agent desktop, to creating caller friendly self-service applications with easy escalation to an agent as required, are all available capabilities in today’s open architecture solutions. Deploying solutions that allow for these capabilities is just one component. Selecting a partner that can walk you through creating a patient journey that aligns with your organization’s values and objectives allows business outcomes to be both obtained and measured to show results. Cerium’s consultative approach integrates design, integration, and adoption and is what differentiates us from other partners.

If you would like to learn more about making EHR accessible through your contact center, give us a call. A Cerium Networks Contact Center Expert can illustrate the compelling scenarios integrating EHR into your contact center provides, and how it will improve the flow of patient data and enable you to provide better care coordination across the healthcare continuum.

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