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Patient Monitoring

Monitor patient wellness while reducing the use of PPE with Cisco Meraki video surveillance

Viewing and monitoring your patients without entering the room

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed the way we view the world. The outbreak has forced healthcare organizations to alter the way they monitor and maintain patient wellness while combating this new disease. Cerium Networks with the power of the Cisco Meraki Cloud, can help you extend your patient care to needed facilities while reducing the risks to personnel.

The benefits of Cisco Meraki Cloud-Based Video Surveillance are:

  • Stand up video monitoring in minutes by simply connecting the video camera to the Internet. No premise-based video management system required.
  • Viewing the real-time video of your patients and their support systems means fewer visits to the patient rooms and saving precious PPE resources.
  • Ceiling mounted, wall-mounted, or mobile cart-mounted means putting your real-time camera where you need it.
  • HIPAA compliance ensures your patient video remains local to your network (confidential), while your Meraki Cloud Dashboard can only be accessed for configuration-based tasks, (no video can be seen or captured via the cloud).


The Cisco Meraki family of cameras come with everything needed for a successful deployment in the box. Add cameras to your patient care network before they even arrive and adjust both optical and software settings remotely over the secure Meraki Cloud Dashboard.

Meraki MV – Cameras for Every Angle of Your Business

  • Bandwidth conscious
  • Anytime, Anywhere remote video streaming with customizable viewing options via the Meraki Dashboard
  • Local streaming never goes to the cloud protecting the privacy of the patien
  • Powered by industry-leading analytics and machine learning capabilities built into every model of camera
  • Feature releases and updates are always pushed automatically from the Cloud


HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule

A major goal of the HIPAA Security Rule is to protect the privacy of individual’s health information while allowing covered entities to adopt new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. As the critical care facilities of organization’s needing to treat the influx of COVID-19 patients has grown, new technologies like the Cisco Meraki MV family of surveillance cameras are being adopted. Organizations are faced with the daunting tasks of increasing the number of the patients they serve, maintain the quality of patient care, and protect the confidentiality of their patient’s data.

With Cisco Meraki Video Surveillance, healthcare providers can observe their patients live video feeds, improving their ability to service patients, without the worry of who might be watching from the cloud.

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