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Duo for AnyConnect VPN

VPNs have become vital for providing secure connections for remote workers. But relying on passwords alone to authenticate users accessing VPNs can leave your systems vulnerable. Over 15 Billion stolen passwords are circulating on the dark web, and workers using passwords that that are simple and easy to remember make them susceptible to hacks. As VPN usage soars, many organizations are beefing up security with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to provide an extra verification step to confirm the user’s identity.

Cisco Duo, industry-leading MFA technology, integrates seamlessly with Cisco ASA or Firepower VPN to add two-factor authentication to AnyConnect logins and stop potential breaches. Duo offers an additional layer of security that verifies the user’s identity and provides visibility into the health of their devices to ensure VPN access only from trusted, secure devices. It verifies user identities in seconds with several simple authentication options, including Duo Push, one-time passcode (OTP), SMS, phone call, or U2F tokens. Duo can reduce calls to your help desk and cut administrative overhead with powerful self-service and self-enrollment capabilities.

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