Connected Justice Part 2

How Cisco Connected Justice Reduces Costs and Increases Efficiency and Safety

In our last post, we discussed how law enforcement and justice agencies are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to increase efficiency, enhance decision-making and improve safety. Smartphones, tablets, sensors, video cameras and other Internet-connected devices can help streamline processes and improve collaboration and data access. Video conferencing improves the delivery of justice throughout its lifecycle, from law enforcement to the courts through the correctional system.

While the focus is on IoT devices, the network forms the foundation for connected justice technologies. A reliable and secure network architecture provides the seamless connectivity needed for real-time communication and data collection and analysis. The network needs to be built using open standards that allow for interoperability of devices, systems and applications. It also needs to be scalable to support growing numbers of devices and users.

That’s what Cisco provides with its Connected Justice solution. Cisco Connected Justice combines Cisco’s networking technology with communication and collaboration tools and third-party applications. It is designed to address the specific needs of the justice system that is often strained by increasing case loads and declining budgets.

Cisco Connected Justice for Law Enforcement provides the information public safety agencies need to respond faster while better protecting both citizens and employees. Vehicles can be equipped with Internet-connected devices that enable constant communication, both with personnel and with traffic lights, cameras and other “smart” devices. These tools enable first responders to identify threats faster and to collect and disseminate information that enables more-informed decisions. Cisco’s Rapidly Deployable Communications for State and Local Government is a ruggedized solution that enables law enforcement to quickly establish voice, video and data connectivity in virtually any location.

Connected Justice for Courts makes extensive use of video conferencing to reduce case backlogs and increase access to justice. Parties, witnesses, experts and interpreters can appear in court and provide testimony from virtually anywhere. Judges and other arbiters can hear arguments and review evidence across multiple sites. While video conferencing is not a replacement for the trial process, it allows criminal defendants to appear for arraignment and motions directly from a holding facility, reducing the cost and risk of transfers while providing for speedier trial. Video conferencing also facilitates administrative meetings and training for court staff.

Connected Justice for Corrections helps create a safer, more stable environment for incarcerated individuals by connecting them to health, education and interpreter services via video conference. This is particularly valuable for corrections facilities that are located in rural or remote areas. Video also enables safer visitations and helps correction officials control contraband. By providing secure access to and sharing of administrative data, the Cisco solution improves inmate management and parole and probation review.

Cerium Networks has a proven track record of success helping state and local governments take advantage of Cisco Connected Justice. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design and deployment of wired and wireless network infrastructure and video conferencing and collaboration systems. Let us help your agency increase safety and efficiency while keeping a lid on costs.

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