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Webinar Replay: Remediating the Gaps in Office 365 Email Security Settings

Email is the easiest route into the network for most organizations, as more than 99% of all security threats require some form of human interaction to execute. Whether this is enabling a macro, opening a file, or following a link, action is needed. Email provides the perfect delivery mechanism to get within the corporate network. Email threats have become sophisticated to evade detection by common email security technologies, particularly those that rely only on standard antivirus and reputation. Email threats are also being blended, combining social engineering, identity deception, phishing sites, malware and exploits.

Like you, Cerium’s IT team battles email threats every day. With the security settings that come with Office 365 email, large amounts of spam, malware and other exploits still make it into inboxes. Cerium revisited the organization’s email security architecture in the light of current email threats, and decided to put Cisco’s Cloud Email Security to the test in our environment to see if it could close some of the gaps.

In this webinar, we’ll cover what we’ve learned, and what tools and features we’ve found useful. We’ll demonstrate:

  • The visibility and reporting available with Cisco’s Cloud Email Security
  • How we gained granular control of our email security policy for the first time
  • Examples of how Cisco’s Cloud Email Security benefits Cerium


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