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With deep visibility into the users, devices, and applications accessing your network, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) helps you ensure that only the right people with trusted devices get the right level of access to your network.

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What's included with our Cisco ISE POV Experience

The ISE POV  is a non-disruptive engagement that will highlight the value Cisco ISE can bring to your environment.  During this engagement, a Cerium engineer will work with you to configure and deploy ISE within your environment.

ISE Overview and Engineering Discovery
Onsite and Remote Solution Deployment
What’s Included
ISE Overview and Engineering Discovery
Onsite and Remote Solution Deployment

Once deployed in your environment, a Cerium engineer will demonstrate how ISE works in your environment. Topics covered include:

  • Guest Portal
  • BYOD
  • Device Administration (TACACS+)
  • Profiling
  • Posture

This engagement includes engineering consulting, Q&A, troubleshooting, and coaching with Cerium specialists. At the conclusion of the engagement, Cerium will present an ISE proposal for your environment.

Segment Your Network for Stronger Security

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