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Cerium Networks Philippines Proves Beneficial to its Customers

Cerium Networks began operations in October 2000 with eight employees. Since then, Cerium has grown substantially. Today we employ over 200 technology professionals supporting over 400 clients with 1 million + end users. We serve markets across the Western US from offices in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and our Philippine office located in the heart of the Bonifacio Global City (BGC) district of Metro Manila. Our engineers are among the most highly skilled and credentialed resources in the industry. Cerium’s consultative approach, combined with our collective set of specialized knowledge in leading technologies and best practices for project management, ensures quality and reliable results.

In 2015, Cerium opened our Philippines office; a key component in Cerium’s globally distributed follow the sun support and managed services strategy. The abundance of highly educated, English speaking professionals in the Philippines makes it an ideal location for enhancing our support capabilities and providing true 24x7x365 support to our clients. When issues arise, no matter what time of day, clients can contact Cerium support and speak live with a trained support engineer—not an answering machine. It also means that issues can be passed between offices in different time zones to increase responsiveness and reduce delays.

Cerium Networks Philippines Team

With Alan Killebrew, General Manager for Cerium Networks Philippines, at the helm, Cerium expanded its Philippines presence to include customer service representatives as well as the Cisco, Microsoft, and Avaya engineering support. As the role of the Philippine office continued to grow, design engineers were hired to provide quick turnaround on urgent design requests, software development resources were added, and the sales force was expanded. In four short years, Cerium Networks Philippines matured from an engineering group focused on providing phone support to a full-functioning stand-alone office.

Cerium Networks Philippines, like Cerium Networks US, is committed to building and developing a highly-skilled workforce with diverse talents. In addition to hiring accomplished industry professionals, Cerium strives to recruit motivated individuals who demonstrate exceptional potential to join our training and development programs. By late 2018, the Philippines team brought in their first OJT candidate after successful participation at an IT seminar at a provincial University. The candidate proved so competent, he was offered a job before completing college and joined the growing Cerium family. This past year, another OJT candidate who participated and graduated from Cerium US’ highly successful apprentice program was added to the staff.

According to William Junkermier, Cerium Networks’ Vice President of Finance and Operations, “Cerium Networks Philippines is an extension of Cerium US and was created to provide our clients with superior support solutions. We were not satisfied with the limitations a US only 24 x 7 solution placed on our customers and recognized as well the toll it took on our US employees. The Philippines is now an integral part of our outstanding service offerings and continues to enhance this level of support. Cerium will continue to work, grow, and develop this operation as we strive to continually improve our support.

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