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Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Avaya Cloud Office

Are you still tethered to your on-premises phone system? Cloud-based communication solutions are proving to be an effective means of keeping workers connected and collaborating reliably, securely, and effectively in the new world of remote work. Take the next step on your digital transformation journey with Avaya Cloud Office, the all-in-one cloud communication platform that empowers remote collaboration, simplifies system management, and enhances security.

Avaya Cloud Office Benefits

Migrating from an existing on-premises Avaya solution to Avaya Cloud Office is a cost-effective approach for gaining the reach, capacity, scalability, and flexibility offered by the cloud, with significant benefits, including:

  • A simplified migration process enables a smooth transition to Avaya Cloud Office at a pace that makes sense for you. Import your voicemail greetings and personal contacts from your existing Avaya system.
  • 24×7 access to Avaya’s full suite of unified communications and collaboration tools enabling workers to call, chat, collaborate and access business apps from anywhere on any device.
  • No initial outlay for expensive infrastructure with a predictable, pay-as-you-go subscription model eliminates surprises. An optimized payment process minimizes the cost of duplicative services and additional security expenditures.
  • Desktop and mobile applications feature a familiar, intuitive interface that minimizes the need for retraining users.
  • Remote management and monitoring capabilities offer insight into call quality and system performance. Built-in usage analytics provide a deep understanding of how your organization is communicating and collaborating.
  • Avaya automatically updates the system with new features and the latest security releases every quarter at no additional charge.
  • Highly reliable enterprise-grade capabilities, secure globally distributed data centers, and award-winning support from Avaya provide peace of mind you won’t miss calls and messages.


Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Don’t put off migrating to Avaya Cloud Office. It is time to leave your legacy on-premises solution behind and start enjoying the benefits of a future-ready cloud-based solution. Avaya offers incentives to current customers to help them make the migration to Avaya Cloud Office while maximizing the return on their current technology.

Cerium Networks has been representing Avaya solutions for more than two decades. Our focused commitment to Avaya solutions enabled us to become Avaya’s largest business partner in the Northwest and the only regionally owned Avaya Diamond Partner. We are here to help smooth your migration to Avaya Cloud Office with local support, implementation, and integration services to meet your specific requirements.
Give us a call for a free, no-obligation demonstration of Avaya Cloud Office.

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