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Meet the Sales and Design Associates (SADA) Team

Cerium Networks is pleased to announce the formation of the Sales and Design Associates (SADA) team to enhance our sales process. The SADA team plays an important role reinforcing Cerium’s company-wide philosophy that places customers first, above anything else.

The Cerium SADA team is a diverse group of twelve highly-trained account managers and design associates that serve as an extension to the account executive. The team is responsible for improving client experiences and removing bottlenecks in the sales process by relieving account executives of administration tasks and freeing them up to focus on their client’s needs.

SADA & Purchasing Team Building Night

Kristina Riener, Sales Support Manager comments, “Having such a strong support team like SADA is a testament to the level of commitment to our customers. When customers know there is a group devoted to covering all the moving parts of their account, it reassures them that “their team” at Cerium is looking out for them.”

The Cerium SADA team is:

  • Responsive: Available year-round to provide hands-on sales support whenever you need it. The SADA team has the insight and background to understand your specific needs.
  • Knowledgeable: Keeping up-to-date on new and changing technology to ensure you stay informed of new features, assets, updates, and industry changes that may impact the way you work with your technology.
  • Proactive: Equipped with the resources and personnel to be able to help resolve any issues or questions you may have. They are personally dedicated to seeing to a resolution on all your requests.
  • Invested in Your Success: Their measure of success is directly tied to yours. Your account manager is incentivized and measured on customer satisfaction.


In the upcoming weeks, you will also be receiving an email from your account executive, introducing your specific SADA team members. You can also always reach out to them at

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