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Reduce cost and complexity with the SaaS-based Data Protection

The Challenge

With data spread across data centers, public clouds, SaaS applications and multiple data protection solutions, organizations can’t escape the high operational and financial costs of their software, hardware, and appliance solutions. And with as many as five to seven vendors per backup solution, customers never gain full visibility or predictability into these hard and soft costs.

What is most challenging and important for a particular business varies based on their size and maturity:

  • SMBs: Growing businesses need predictability and the flexibility to control costs based on needs. A lack of specialized IT expertise requires a highly automated and comprehensive solution that anybody can operate.
  • Mid-market: Businesses poised for their next phase of growth need to scale quickly without hidden surprises. With more data and security needs, they can’t risk tying up capital and IT resources in infrastructure and integration. Large enterprises: With more expertise, systems and data, larger businesses want to modernize quickly with a sustainable and predictable reduction in costs and complexity.
  • Large enterprises: With more expertise, systems and data, larger businesses want to modernize quickly with a sustainable and predictable reduction in costs and complexity.

The Solution

Druva offers a SaaS platform that dramatically simplifies and improves how organizations protect, secure, and recover data. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, built on AWS, delivers data protection as-a-service for endpoints, data centers, remote offices, multi-cloud environments, and SaaS applications. The result is a dramatic reduction in your TCO combined with better outcomes for security, management, and availability.

Business Challenges

  • Repeating cycle of growing hardware and software costs to protect data
  • Hidden overhead to deploy, manage, patch, and update software, hardware, and appliance solutions
  • Security threats to backup data and systems add costs and complexity

Business Challenges

  • Eliminate paying for underutilized and over-provisioned hardware, software, and appliances (hard costs)
  • Remove hidden soft costs of software and hardware patches, upgrades, and performance tuning
  • Centralize and automate data and storage management
  • Accelerate time-to-value for data protection services

How it Works

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud delivers infinitely scalable protection from the cloud, eliminating spend on over-provisioned and underutilized infrastructure (hard costs). With on-demand scalability, global deduplication, and automated storage tiering, organizations eliminate silos of data across locations and clouds, remove infrastructure dependencies, and dramatically improve operational efficiency (soft costs).

In fact, Cerium is so confident in the security and simplification of Druva’s SaaS-based data protection that we installed it in our own environment. Read the case study here >

The Benefits

SaaS-based data protection benefits businesses of all sizes and growth stages.

SMBs can focus on growing their business without managing hardware, software, or appliances. They know that protection just works, data is always available and protected from ransomware, and costs align to storage consumed.

Mid-market businesses with more locations and workloads gain the benefits of integrated data protection, security, and disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost. They get the flexibility and scale they need, without hidden costs.

Large enterprises can reduce hard costs (such as infrastructure) as well as soft costs (ranging from skills development to management overhead for complexity). They also increase agility and accelerate time to value while removing barriers to cloud initiatives.

No matter what size they are, organizations realize consistent benefits when they switch from on-premises solutions to pure SaaS. In particular, they are able to:

Quickly reduce TCO by up to 50% — Whether protecting new workloads or facing a software or hardware refresh, they pay only for what they use, without software or hardware. Many customers realize a lower TCO in one year, not three.

Stop ransomware and insider threats to backup environments and data — Druva provides built-in multi-layer security for data, users, and platform. With a logical air-gap, immutable backups, data lock policies, anomaly detection, roll-back of accidental deletions, built-in multi-factor authentication (MFA), and environmental monitoring, organizations gain value and resilience with less effort.

Eliminate infrastructure patching and upgrades — Direct-to-cloud backup for data center, cloud, SaaS, and endpoints requires no hardware, software or appliances.

Realize more value from their data — Druva customers transform their backup data into a business asset driving cybersecurity, data governance, and analytics initiatives to strengthen business resilience.

Simplify and centralize data management — With a secure and automated SaaS platform that is easy to use and understand, organizations can redeploy IT resources to other projects.

Interested in learning more?

Let’s find a time to discuss how Druva’s data protection solution can reduce risk and cost for your organization.

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