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The Power of a Flexible VAR Integration Partner

Unlocking True Value in UCaaS Implementation

By 2030, it is forecasted that more than 75% of companies will use Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) for business communication needs—and in today’s competitive market, organizations are seeking efficient and cost-effective ways to implement these solutions. Many providers lure customers in with the promise of “included” implementation services. However, the reality is usually far from expectations and a distant cry from what businesses truly need. If you are making the decision to implement UCaaS at your company, it is important to understand the shortcomings of such offerings and the benefits of instead partnering with a flexible value-added reseller (VAR) capable of delivering complete solutions tailored to your organization’s priorities and business model requirements.

Breaking Down UCaaS "Included" Implementation Services

UCaaS providers often use implementation services as a loss-leader to attract customers in a highly motivated market. By including implementation in the license, these suppliers lower initial startup costs and total cost of ownership (TCO)—but the realized value is predictably limited, leaving organizations to address and deal with significant gaps internally.

UCaaS providers typically rely on remote delivery teams for integration and while this may suffice for basic setup, it falls short in addressing on-site activities that may arise during the deployment phase. Additionally, these so-called deployment services are often rigid and narrow in scope. For example, you will receive an “in the box” service in most cases with little ability to integrate to secondary systems or modify the deployment offerings provided. This puts the pressure back on your organization to manage these challenges independently and impedes a seamless transition to the upgraded solution.

Moreover, the scope of project management offered by UCaaS providers is often limited and lacking in depth. Without comprehensive project management support, organizations struggle to navigate complex integrations or address unique requirements. This limited approach puts the burden on your business to fill in the gaps or seek assistance from other service providers, resulting in time lost for internal resources and costly, unnecessary added expenditures.

Training to ensure user adoption is another area where “included” implementation services are typically less than desirable long-term. Many providers offer minimal onboarding options focused on knowledge- or community-based information. This one-size-fits-all approach fails to account for the unique needs of each organization, making employees feel ill-prepared to utilize the upgraded unified communication system to its full potential.

Enter the VAR/Integrator

In contrast to the limited offerings of UCaaS providers, partnering with a VAR integrator unlocks a world of personalized solutions and services that are flexibly tailored to an organization’s most pressing needs. A third-party partner understands that each company has distinct business goals and provides strategic technology planning along with customized services to specifically address them.

Scoping and in-depth organization assessment are critical aspect steps for any successful UCaaS implementation. A trusted VAR integrator takes the time to thoroughly understand your specific requirements, ensuring that the proposed technologies align with your unique business goals. This flexibility allows the partner to build fully customizable solutions that fit the organization, minimizing the risk of compatibility issues or unmet expectations.

With a UCaaS provider, there are often unrealized costs that stem from incomplete, unsuccessful or inadequate technology implementation. This along with a lack of proper foresight or expert assessment can create frequent setbacks and disappointing results during the digital transformation journey. Failure to recognize or plan for unavoidable obstacles can lead to widespread issues that stunt organizational culture and employee satisfaction; pulls the business away from achieving its core technology goals; creates a digital divide among competitors; and more. In contrast, utilizing a VAR partner allows organizations to identify any unexpected challenges that might occur during the integration process as well as a solution for addressing them to ensure the project stays on track, aligns with the overarching technology needs and yields successful outcomes.

Project management is another area where deploying third-party expertise creates value-added results. Recognizing that organizations may have multiple solutions and stakeholder groups, a VAR provider adapts its project management approach to accommodate various needs. Through outsourcing, your business will have access to necessary resources and experienced personnel to confidently navigate complex integrations and ensure a smooth implementation process.

There are significant advantages to leveraging VAR integrators’ experienced teams of engineers and technical resources for ongoing support. Unlike remote delivery teams, these providers have knowledgeable experts with boots on the ground all over the country for on-site deployment to support and troubleshoot when needed. This level of personalized attention ensures that any challenges requiring hands-on assistance are promptly addressed, leading to a more seamless transition.

Training is a vital component of a successful UCaaS implementation. Teaming up with a trusted partner allows for professional training programs tailored to meet your organization’s specific needs. By leveraging VAR’s expertise, your employees will receive comprehensive training that equips them with the knowledge and skills required to maximize the benefits of the UCaaS solution. Value-added reseller’s commitment to customized training sets them apart from UCaaS provider’s generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

Furthermore, using the services of a tried-and-true third-party VAR integrator ensures your business will receive the utmost dedication to maintaining engagement that extends far beyond the initial deployment—through ongoing support, managed services and lifecycle management to ensure long-term success. By proactively supporting clients long-term, VAR integrators drive continuous value-added results and offer peace of mind.


While UCaaS providers may entice organizations with the promise of “included” implementation services, the reality is usually not up to par in meeting your company’s full set of organizational needs. The limitations of remote delivery teams, narrow scoping and inadequate training processes make it clear that a flexible VAR integrations partner like Cerium Networks is a superior choice for organizations seeking a truly comprehensive UCaaS implementation experience.

Cerium’s ability to deliver personalized services, tailored scopes of work, on-site support and customized training programs makes it an indispensable partner capable of building total solutions that align with your business’s unique objectives. By engaging with Cerium, you can unlock the true power of a flexible VAR, to ensure long-term and true success in your organization’s UCaaS journey. Contact us today to learn more.

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