MYTH: Hyper-converged Infrastructure Requires Specialized Skills

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If your team doesn’t have any specialized skills when it comes to managing a hyper-converged infrastructure, then good news: they don’t need them! A common misconception today is that hyper-converged technology comes with an extra management layer. In fact, there is no extra management layer. The hyper-converged solutions that Cerium specializes in utilize v-center for their management plane, there is no additional hardware or software required for you to learn or get up to date on. It’s simply utilizing the same management architecture used to today with a couple of added whiz-bang features that you can manage through that same interface.

About This Series

As today’s data centers shift toward modernization, a number of misconceptions about data center technologies have emerged. In this series, Cerium’s data center experts, Ray Hall and Gregg Pruett, separate fact from fiction and debunk some of the most widespread myths surrounding backup and recovery, cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure, storage and more.

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