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Cerium Partners with Druva to Offer DRaaS

Cerium is partnering with Druva, the industry leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), to offer enterprise data protection and management with the simplicity, scalability, and security of the public cloud. Druva combines high-performance, scalable, all-in-one backup, disaster recovery (DR), archival, and analytics in a single platform spanning multiple geographies and clouds that eliminates the costs and complexities of maintaining any hardware or software. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud radically simplifies data protection, streamlines data governance, and provides data visibility and insights while accelerating cloud adoption.

Druva’s DRaaS platform is ideal for SMBs lacking the in-house expertise to develop an effective DR plan or adequate facilities for maintaining a proper DR site. Druva’s cost-effective solutions integrate with existing cybersecurity and networking solutions to improve detection and enable SMBs to respond proactively, recover faster, prevent data loss, and minimize downtime. Druva’s SaaS-based approach dramatically reduces costs and improves data visibility for modern environments.

According to Ray Hall, Cerium’s Director of Cloud Services, “Druva DRaaS is all in one for 365, google, user devices, cloud native, NAS and hypervisors backup. Simple per user or per post deduped/compressed TBs of storage. No more guessing about projected growth or shrinkage because you scale up and down on the fly. No ingress or egress fees, no more upgrades, and no more hardware for backups. You don’t need to procure your own infrastructure. You don’t need to do upgrades anymore. You get it all with one SaaS platform.

Cerium Delivers Data Resilience

Modernize your data protection strategy. Keep your mission-critical data and applications safe and ready while advancing your cyber, data, and operational resilience. Protect your organization against natural disasters, ransomware attacks, and other emerging threats with a robust incident response toolkit that includes Druva DRaaS.

Cerium provides custom DR support from assessment and design to deployment and ongoing management. We excel in addressing the unique challenges of healthcare, government agencies, educational institutions, and more. Our full-stack expertise enables us to design, orchestrate and manage technologies that drive business success. Cerium’s certified engineers and support teams are available 24/7 to support any technical requests you may have.

In Ray’s view, “Druva is a game-changer in the data protection space. Never before has a TRUE SaaS backup and recovery solution built for the modern cloud era come to market. We have chosen to partner with Druva for its robust yet incredibly simple solution. As a current Druva user, Cerium has seen firsthand the ease of implementation and administration in our VM, endpoint, and M365 environment. The support Druva offers is fast and reliable. In fact, I called in for a credential issue the other day, and a REAL engineer answered in less than 30 seconds. My issue was resolved in less than a minute. When was the last time your backup vendor was that responsive? We are excited to share our experience as an end-user and partner of Druva with you!

Learn More

Contact Cerium to learn more about adding Druva to your environment to enhance your cyber resilience posture, future-proof your cyber resiliency, and automate ransomware recovery.

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