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Contract Vehicles

We can help you streamline & simplify the IT procurement process

Ordering against these vehicles meets all federal requirements for full and open competition and offers assurance that our past performance has been thoroughly evaluated and our credentials have been validated. These contract vehicles provide Cerium with the flexibility to respond to agency requirements quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the procurement vehicles we participate in enable government agencies and schools to supplement their budgets and implement the best technology solutions at the best value.


Cerium procurement contract vehicles include the following benefits:

Competitive Pricing

Our contracts offer competitive pricing on hardware, maintenance, and professional services. Detailed pricing information is available upon request.

Streamlined Ordering Process

No need to solicit three bids or more.

Leverage a Cerium Contract Vehicle

Our dedicated team to save invaluable time while receiving exceptional service and pricing.

Time Savings

Avoid solicitation process, save resource time, while receiving exceptional customer service and competitive price.

Financing Options

Cerium can provide several financing options, including leasing, to stretch your IT budget and allow you to address mission-critical issues.

Dedicated Support

Local technical and engineering support


NASPO Value Point

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