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7 Key Benefits of Cloud-Based Contact Centers

Not so long ago, suggestions to move contact center operations to the cloud were met with considerable resistance in most organizations. Most feared such an extreme transition would be unmanageable and result in the increased likelihood that sensitive customer data would be leaked. As recently as 2019, a Gartner study found that nearly 90 percent of global organizations maintained on-premises contact centers.

That pandemic changed everything, of course. Forced to quickly support social distancing requirements, organizations swiftly latched onto cloud technologies that would support remote operations. In the process, they experienced firsthand the many benefits of the Contact-Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) model.

Like other cloud services, CCaaS delivers distinct cost advantages by creating a predictable “pay as you go” model. More important, leading CCaaS solutions such as Genesys Cloud CX deliver a variety of advanced features that create better experiences for customers and agents alike. The benefits are so powerful that Gartner now estimates CCaaS will reach 50 percent adoption this year.

Following are seven of the most compelling features of CCaaS in general and the Genesys solution in particular:

1. Artificial Intelligence

Integrated AI technologies such as natural-language processing and machine learning support increased automation of many tasks. Automated virtual agents and intelligent assistants can handle many routine calls without agent intervention. Agent-assist applications also support agents with predictive call routing that connects customers to agents best-suited to solve their problems.

2. Advanced Self-service

Genesys’ self-service options ensure customers can get support at any time. Voice bots and chatbots enable around-the-clock self-service functions that can help customers resolve issues faster. In addition, the interactive voice response (IVR) module offers a series of self-help prompts that allow customers to resolve issues without the involvement of a human agent.

3. Workforce Engagement Management

WEM solutions comprise several different applications designed to optimize the agent experience. Call and screen recording, speech and text analytics, feedback modules and gamification features can all help motivate agents with instructional aids and performance insights that help drive improvements and promote professional development.

4. Composable Platforms

Large in-house platforms have many highly interdependent components — some of which you may not use or need. The cloud offers a more modular approach. With the Genesys solution, you can choose from an array of native components, a vast partner ecosystem and open APIs to compose a solution that meets your unique needs. A continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline ensures you can rapidly scale and update your platform as needs change.

5. Frictionless Engagements

Genesys Cloud CX gives customers the option to communicate with agents across phone, email, live chat, text, mobile apps or social channels. Integrated call distributors and management systems ensure all communication channels are fully integrated, allowing customers to seamlessly transition from one channel to another if necessary.

6. Customer Data Access

The Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace offers hundreds of third-party business apps that can be integrated with the CCaaS platform. These prebuilt integrations make it easy to for agents to access information they need to resolve customer issues. That can lead to reduced call handling times, improved first-contact resolution, fewer repeat calls and improved data accuracy.

7. Multi-tenant Security

The Genesys platform offers robust security with external penetration testing, attack defense automation, multifactor authentication and TLS and AES-256 encryption. Least-privilege and role-based access control mechanisms ensure that only users with proper authority and legitimate business requirements are allowed to access your data.

The Genesys CCaaS solution is secure, reliable, scalable, cost-efficient and feature-rich, and it helps ensure that remote agents can work with a high level of efficiency. If you’re considering a transition to the cloud, give us a call. Our cloud experts can help you develop a migration plan that meets your unique requirements.

Migrate Your Contact Center to the Cloud

Genesys’ feature-rich Contact-Center-as-a-Service solution supports remote operations and delivers superior customer experiences. Contact us to learn more and to develop your organization’s cloud migration strategy.

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