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Data Governance with Druva inSync

Ensuring data privacy, security, and regulatory compliance can be a challenge. It’s even trickier when your data is stored in disparate locations and is subject to various overlapping regulations. Many organizations have over 40% of their data stored outside the data center, on endpoints, and in the cloud.

Data comes from a wide variety of sources, with unlimited copies residing on local and remote networks and devices. Additionally, data is dynamic and can be accessed and altered by numerous users. Visibility and automation are the keys to proactively identifying sensitive information, quickly assessing, and taking corrective action to promote security and compliance to reduce the risks of data breaches and fines.

Implementing comprehensive data governance strategies and evolving those strategies over time is essential for achieving mission-critical business goals, saving money, and achieving compliance. In addition to corporate fines and lost opportunities, corporate executives can be held liable for data governance mistakes. Sophisticated hackers, complex government regulations, data-driven business intelligence, and the increasing importance of data privacy necessitate a clear understanding of where your strategic information assets live and who is responsible for managing and protecting them. Adopting a proactive approach to managing risk and compliance can simplify your data governance challenges. With the right tools, you can optimize how you store, track, access, manage, and protect sensitive data.

Druva inSync is the industry’s first solution to perform data backups across laptops, mobile devices, and cloud-based SaaS applications to offer enhanced functionality beyond just a standard disaster recovery solution. inSync backup data provides centralized visibility, full-text search, and controls for meeting enterprise data governance needs. The Secure Data Governance feature set within inSync provides process automation for identifying files that may contain sensitive information so they can be quickly assessed and corrective action for non-compliance can be taken. inSync’s unique and efficient approach to collecting extended data facilitates new ways to proactively address compliance for data monitoring, legal hold for eDiscovery, investigative search for issue identification and policy enforcement, and data analytics to aid in identifying usage anomalies. Get the most business value from your data, protect it from bad actors, and maintain compliance with data regulations with Druva inSync.

According to Zach Feingold, Senior Systems Engineer for Cerium Networks, “Sorting through data to ensure everything that is stored meets compliance is tedious and often susceptible to human error. Data is stored across so many different areas these days; some have it on their local laptop, OneDrive, emails, SharePoint, etc., to the point where ensuring your organization meets compliance requirements is proving to be more and more challenging. With Druva’s inSync platform, we can capture backups of all this data, perform eDiscovery, legal hold, and federated search across the backups, and then even take it a step further to audit the data within. With Secure Data Governance, Druva can utilize predefined or customized templates to detect data that would break compliance, such as HIPAA, GDPR, GLBA, PCI, and more. This allows you to address compliance issues in your own internal audit before someone else comes in to perform an audit. This is a huge deal for customers like hospitals and financial institutions that are under close scrutiny to get these things right.

Cerium Networks partners with Druva to design and deploy inSync data governance solutions. Our full-stack expertise enables us to design, orchestrate and manage technologies that drive business success. Cerium’s certified engineers and support teams are available 24/7 to support any technical requests you may have. Give us a call to learn more about how Druva inSync can help you solve your tough data governance challenges.

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