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Is it time to hang up on your old phone system?

7 Business-Critical Reasons to Upgrade Your Communication or Phone System in 2023

An aging telephone system could put your business on hold. Legacy systems not only lack modern communication and collaboration features, but also become more unreliable and prone to outages as they age. For most organizations, the risk of lost business and missed opportunities due to a phone outage is simply intolerable.

If your phone system is more than five years old, this might be a good time to consider an upgrade. Here are seven key reasons to consider migrating to a new cloud- or premises-based unified communications solution:

Support the Hybrid Workforce

Many older phone systems only have basic teleconferencing capabilities, but newer systems have the advanced communication and collaboration features necessary to support workers as they continually move between home and the office. Today’s unified communications platforms integrate with mobile devices and support chat, conferencing, file sharing and other features that allow mobile, remote and in-office employees to efficiently communicate with customers, partners and colleagues from any location. Integrated communications are also essential for supporting “follow the sun” contact center operations with agents located in various time zones.

Improve the Customer Experience

An up-to-date phone system improves customer experiences through streamlined communication and improved problem resolution across multiple digital communication channels. For example, contact center agents can engage with customers from anywhere via voice, video, chat or email. New systems also support greater automation of customer service functions through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual agents and bots.

Improve the Employee Experience

Efficient communication enables flexible work models by allowing employees to work efficiently and collaborate with team members, regardless of their location. Modern platforms also enable voice and messaging integration with key business applications such as CRM, ERP, sales force automation and supply chain management, which contributes to increased efficiency and productivity. Such seamless access to important information smooths workflows, expedites projects and reduces stress. According to analysis from Forrester Research, modern business communication systems drive a 10 percent increase in employee productivity.

Strengthen Security

Once vendors stop providing patches, updates and bug fixes, older phone systems are at heightened risk of threats such as toll fraud, data theft, data tampering, denial of service and more. A modern on-premises IP-PBX or cloud-based UC system can deliver strong protection with end-to-end encryption, multifactor authentication and other controls.

Scale Easier

Expanding older systems can be complicated. Many have predetermined levels of capacity, forcing you to buy extra circuit capacity to add new users and new lines. However, growth is a snap with IP-based systems — all adds, moves and changes can be handled through a web interface.

Reduce Maintenance

Older phone systems become increasingly unreliable and at risk of outages, but manufacturers typically only support PBX servers, routers, cables, gateways, phones and other gear for about 10 years. After that, you will be responsible for finding aftermarket replacement parts and other components through alternative sources.

Future-Proof Your Business

Some legacy phone system vendors have struggled to transition to today’s cloud-based delivery models. This creates significant business risk for customers who need innovative solutions to meet changing customer demands. When determining whether to upgrade, it’s important to consider the vendor’s stability and long-term technology roadmap.

How Cerium Can Help

The telephone has been an indispensable business tool for well over a century, but today’s phone systems also serve as foundations for a remarkable array of communications, collaboration and productivity services. Using an aging system that doesn’t provide access to all those tools puts your company at a competitive disadvantage. Worse yet, it may be exposing you to a variety of risks with serious business impacts.

Future-Proof Your Communications

With more than two decades of experience helping customers implement phone systems, Cerium Networks has been an active participant in the evolution of modern business communications. Contact us to learn more about evaluating and implementing a solution that will support your business objectives.

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