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Critical Vulnerability in Cisco Unity Connection

Cisco has recently announced a new and critical vulnerability against the Cisco Unity Connection voicemail platform.

Successful exploitation could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to upload arbitrary files to an affected system and execute commands on the underlying operating system. Depending on the privileges associated with the user, an attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights.

As a valued client, I am reaching out to you because, according to our records, your current system configuration may be impacted by this security flaw.

If your system configuration is impacted, it is essential to address this issue promptly to ensure the continued protection and integrity of your communications infrastructure.

Cerium can help you address this vulnerability by:

  1. 1. Helping you to validate your compatibility or eligibility for available security patches.
  2. 2. Offer direct support in facilitating the deployment of patches to your system.
  3. 3. Discussing ongoing and direct monitoring of your systems for vulnerabilities through our Security Operations Center (SOC).
  4. 4. Addressing ongoing operational concerns including daily maintenance through our Managed Services Support Program (MSSP).


According to the Center for Internet Security the following risk factors apply:


  • Large and medium government entities: HIGH
  • Small government: MEDIUM


  • Large and medium business entities: HIGH
  • Small business entities: MEDIUM

Unfortunately, malicious actors are never idle and keeping at and ahead of their pace is a full-time endeavor. Discovered vulnerabilities and threats can be inconvenient and potentially disruptive. Cerium can help you stack the odds in your favor and reduce your impact. Let’s talk

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