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Case Study: Covr Financial Technologies

How Covr Enhanced Customer Engagement with Cisco UC and Enghouse Interactive Call Center

When Covr outgrew its existing call center and infrastructure, they began the search for a more flexible, scalable call center solution. Cerium consultants first worked with Covr to thoroughly understand their business needs and desired outcomes. After weighing all the alternatives, Cerium recommended Cisco Communication Manager and Enghouse Interactive contact center solutions to replace their aging Mitel phone system.

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The Challenge

  • Driven by the increasing popularity of their business model, Covr was growing, both in terms of scale of operations, as well as volume of business.
  • Their existing infrastructure was already up to capacity and they had outgrown their existing Mitel call center.
  • As their environment evolved and became more complex, they began exploring options for a more flexible, scalable call center solution with advanced call tracking, routing, and call recording features capable of meeting this growing and ever-changing demand.

The Solution

  • Cerium consultants focused on Covr’s business needs rather than any specific technology and after weighing all the alternatives recommended Cisco Communication Manager and Enghouse Interactive contact center solutions to replace their aging Mitel phone system.
  • The Cisco and Enghouse combination offered Covr a cost-effective solution that could handle calls seamlessly, increase productivity, and boost agent effectiveness

The Results

  • Covr’s new full-featured call center combines superior call handling features with rich directory and presence information enables agents to quickly, professionally and efficiently manage customer interactions.
  • Users are happy with the collaboration features and the smartphone functionality; particularly Covr’s remote workforce, which has doubled since the implementation.
  • Customer interactions captured by Enghouse call recording for feedback and training have helped Covr improve quality assurance and compliance obligations.

“Cerium implementation engineers were highly knowledgeable and easy to interact with. And the training experience was excellent.”

— Eric Carlson, Chief Technologist, Covr

About Covr

Headquartered in Boise Idaho, with offices in New York, Annapolis, and Colorado Springs, Covr is an agent of change in the rapidly evolving insurance industry. Covr takes an innovative approach that streamlines the insurance-buying experience and enables consumers to work with advisors they trust to integrate insurance protection into their overall financial plan. Covr provides personal insurance products, easily comparable rates and the ability to purchase policies within minutes from nearly twenty well-known major insurers. Covr also offers financial institutions and financial advisors an integrated turnkey solution for delivering great insurance buying experiences to their customers under their existing brand. Covr’s cutting-edge online platform is backed by comprehensive phone support for financial advisors and their customers from Covr’s insurance-licensed advisors.

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