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Contact Center Assessment Services

Your contact center is the face of your organization.

Set your agents up for success and ensure your customer’s experience is a successful outcome every time they call your contact center. Let Cerium’s contact center consultants help you develop long-term retention and loyalty strategies based on your customer’s behavior and attributes. Discover new revenue opportunities, uncover operational inefficiencies, and improve customer experiences with a Cerium contact center assessment.

Cerium contact center assessments provide you with a 360-degree view into the strengths and weaknesses of your center. They offer practical recommendations for realizing short-term gains, as well as implementing best practices that ensure your contact center’s success over the long haul. Cerium has a wide range of assessment options that produce measurable results. We offer standard assessments as well as customized consulting engagements, tailored to meet your organization’s specific requirements. Cerium standard contact center assessment offers include:

Operational Performance Assessment
An in-depth evaluation of your overall contact center environment including organization and leadership, management and process, systems and technology, and talent management.

Standard Contact Center Assessment
A detailed evaluation of your organizations management and processes and systems and technology.

Rapid Business Assessment
A high-level overview of strategy, organization, and technology within your contact center.

Metric Assessment
A review of your contact center’s KPIs to ensure they align with your strategy and desired behaviors and performance standards.

Multi-Channel Strategy
Assistance with the development of a multichannel strategy to include a technology roadmap and experience management strategy.

Workforce Management Assessment
A review of workforce management principles and methodologies to ensure full utilization of technology and processes.

QM Program Assessment
A review of quality management program structure and technology utilization to promote desired agent behavior and productivity.

our element is communication

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Effective communication is the essential element found in all successful business relationships. Employee productivity and customer satisfaction can rise and fall based on this key element. Cerium is in the business of taking basic business communication to new levels of collaboration with our industry-leading solutions designed to keep workers and customers engaged. So, we understand the importance of effective communication.

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