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Avaya Communication Manager

Advanced System Administration Training

Course Overview

Cost: $3500.00 | Duration: 5 Days

Prerequisites: Participants need to have a thorough understanding of basic system administration of Communication Manager (Definity).

This course builds on Avaya Communication Manager basic system administration and will allow system administrators to become proficient in the administration of more advanced features and functionality of their communication system.

Audience: System administrators of Communication Manager (Definity) who need to develop more advanced skills in the administration of their communication system.

Course Contents

  • Advanced CM Architecture Overview
  • Media Servers and Gateways
  • Media Modules and TN Circuit Packs
  • SIP, H.323, Digital and Analog Endpoints
  • System Manager and Session Manager
  • Voicemail Systems: AAM, MM, and CMM
  • Call Center: IQ, CMS, BCMR, BCMS
  • Adjuncts: AES and ACE
  • System Platform and VMWare Virtualized Environments


Communication Manager Foundation and Building Blocks

  • Dial Plan, Codes, and Extensions

Troubleshooting Inbound Call Flows

  • Incoming Trunk Treatment Tables
  • Advanced Call Coverage
  • Coverage Answer Groups
  • Remote Coverage
  • Time of Day Coverage

Troubleshooting Outbound Call Flows

  • Stations and Class of Restriction
  • UDP, AAR, and ARS Tables
  • Partition-Route-Tables and Route-Patterns
  • Public-Unknown and Private-Numbering Tables

Group Communication

  • Team Buttons
  • Advanced Hunt-Groups
  • Announcements, VDNs, and Vectors
  • Meet-Me-Conferencing
  • Basic Call Center
  • Enhanced 911 (E911)


  • ISDN-PRI Trunk-Groups
  • H.323 Trunk-Groups
  • SIP Trunk-Groups

IP Phones

  • H.323 Protocol Suite
  • Utility Server: DHCP, HTTP, MyPhone
  • IP Phone Boot Up Sequence
  • One-X Communicator

Troubleshooting CM VoIP

  • Server and Gateway VoIP Commands
  • System and Board VoIP Commands
  • Status VoIP and List Trace Commands
  • Using ICMP ping and traceroute/tracert commands
  • Call Quality: Packet Loss, Delay, Jitter, Echo
  • Media Servers: Timers and Interactions
  • Media Gateway: Failover/Recovery

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