Webinar Replay: Positioning Your Company for What Comes Next

This year has brought significant changes in the way we work. And while we don’t know exactly what the future holds, now is the perfect opportunity to take a look at cloud unified communications, and how you can keep your workforce connected, secure, and productive through whatever comes next.

Cerium’s Hailey Hyde and Tobin Solkey host a practical discussion on why you should be taking a hard look at Cloud UC. They will address:

  • The lasting impact of COVID-19 on how we work
  • Now that we have rolled out remote workers, is it time to re-evaluate Cloud UC?
  • Remote Worker vs Cloud UC — what’s the difference?
  • Cloud Unified Communications : An Opportunity for Revolutionary Change
  • Putting the “Unified” into Unified Communications
  • Private vs Public Cloud — What’s the right fit for your business



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