Webinar Replay: Cisco SecureX, Threat Response, and APIs
Are you overwhelmed by too many security investigation tools?

Time is a scarce resource for many organizations, yet the plethora of disjointed security tools results in inefficient manual processes that expose organizations to greater risk.

If your teams spend too much time stitching together security solutions, then we invite you to join Cerium’s Kevin Heide & Len Ledford for a simple, yet powerful demonstration of how Cisco can simplify and strengthen your security with a truly integrated platform experience. This webinar will cover:

  • Cisco Threat Response: Cisco’s tool that can help your organization perform intelligent and actionable cyber incident investigations and response
  • Cisco SecureX: Cisco’s tool that unifies visibility across your entire security infrastructure including network, endpoints, cloud, and applications
  • API Integration: How Cisco Security is tightly integrated, sharing context between SecOPS, ITOps, and NetOps, reducing operational complexity and maximizing your security investments
  • An integration story: A day-in-the life of a security professional using these tools
Watch the Replay


Stay tuned for more upcoming webinars in this series!

JULY 22: Cisco’s Integrated Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response

AUGUST 26: Email Security at Cerium, and How we’ve Remediated the Gaps in Default Office 365 Email Security

SEPTEMBER 23: Cisco’s New Firepower Security Appliances – Enterprise Threat Protection and Performance

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