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Webinar Replay: A look at Today’s Trends in Contact Center

Evaluating architecture choice, the role of your organizations digital strategy in your customer journey, and how solutions are configured to align with desired business outcomes is key now, more than ever.

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In this Cisco-focused webinar, we cover:

Digital First Strategy: Leveraging digital transformation strategies to unleash the power of data to enhance customer experience through automation and channel of choice.

Proactive Approach: Minimize the impact of random interaction delivery by proactively communicating with your customers

Analytics: Defining key performance indicators to narrow the focus of analytics as big data continues to expand allowing leaders to maintain performance in today’s remote configured contact centers.

Journey Mapping — A Critical Step: How Journey Mapping builds a good customer service experience

Business Requirements: How business outcome requirements drive technology solutions

What Cerium is Seeing: Understanding the right architecture for your business is the foundation to building the right experiences with todays open contact center tool sets

Cisco Webex Contact Center Overview: A high level demo of Cisco’s Cloud Contact Center

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