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3 Free Webex Calling Features for Safe, Secure Collaboration

Cisco Webex Calling cloud-based phone system provides essential business calling capabilities without the expense and complexity of managing on-premises phone system infrastructure.

Cisco continually enhances Webex with new features and richer functionality while partnering with industry-leading technology providers to develop solutions that extend the Webex platform. Here are some current free offers from Cisco that enable Webex users to take advantage of advanced calling experiences:  

Call Recording with Dubber

Cisco Webex and Dubber have partnered to release Dubber Go in 2021, which brought a “convenience recording” capability to Webex Calling built into the overall subscription. This is a perfect pairing for users looking to ensure they don’t forget the context of an audio call or need to remember or review important details of a phone call. There are no servers to set up, and unlimited recording is saved for up to 30 days. Users can be enabled or disabled for the feature at the convenience of administrators, making Dubber a simple and effective entry into call recording for any organization. Need to store audio for longer or need additional features? That’s easy too — convert your Dubber Go account to one of a number of paid tiers with no fuss.

Emergency Calling with RedSky E911

With the ratification of Kari’s Law and the Ray Baum’s Act by the FCC, the rules and landscape of emergency response have shifted for the better. Cisco Webex and RedSky have partnered in the USA to offer within any Webex Calling subscription E911 services offered by RedSky that will ensure that subscribers maintain compliance with these new pieces of legislation. The ability to notify when a 911 call is made, send accurate location information, and ensure that these services can be provided regardless of whether a user or phone is in one place or regularly moves physical location are all included. Oftentimes, a Cloud-based calling service will not offer all these services built into the overall subscription. With Webex Calling, it is!

Theta Lake Security & Compliance

Theta Lake and Cisco Webex make a great pairing for any organization that needs to assure content compliance in Webex Meetings and Webex Messaging (chat). Collaboration applications are great tools, but if they are not tended properly, they can create large gaps in compliance and policy when users begin to transfer files or segue into risky behavior. This is where Theta Lake can help. With this new partnered offering for Webex subscribers, archival and eDiscovery of up to 60-days for messages and 30-days for meetings is included in a Webex subscription. Need to go further and add DLP and Supervision? That’s easy too; upgrade your free Theta Lake integration to a paid subscription to unlock even more capabilities designed to keep your organization secure and compliant.

The Cerium Advantage

Our Cisco experts can design the optimal Webex solution for your workloads, budget, and business goals, while our consultative approach can help you maximize the return on your Webex investments 

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