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Cerium Expands into Utah

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Headquartered in Spokane, WA, Cerium Networks operates from eight offices across the Northwest, employing more than 175 technology professionals, including some of the most highly skilled engineers and solutions architects in the industry. Cerium recently expanded its footprint into the Utah market. I spoke with Roger Junkermier, President of Cerium Networks, to get his thoughts on the expansion into Utah and the hiring of Account Executive Adam Braden to spearhead the effort.

Cerium’s additional focus into the Utah market aligns with our company’s history of expansion; we have always been interested in the people in the markets versus just the market from an expansion perspective. In every one of our market expansions, the reason we are there was due to the people that we wanted to be a part of Cerium. Once the right individuals are on board in a given market, we can build around them and begin providing our unique value to those clients within that market.” Roger pointed out.

Utah is another example of this. Adam Braden is a hard-working, honest and capable young technical professional. He has a solid background in technical design and sales. He is an individual that we can build around in the Utah market.” Roger added.

I asked Roger what Cerium can offer Utah clients that sets us apart from the competition. “There is significant opportunity in Utah. It is a business-friendly environment with a strong mid-market business base. There has been considerable consolidation of regional technology integrators, and it is our belief that Utah is a market that is underserved. Our market-specific and regional focus will provide client engagement expertise that is compelling to local businesses and organizations.” he replied.

About Adam Braden

Adam Braden, Account Executive

With business degrees from LDS Business College and Utah State University, along with over ten years of experience as an account executive, account manager, and solutions architect, Adam Braden was the ideal person to lead Cerium’s expansion into Utah.

I asked Adam about what attracted him to this position. “I was looking for a new Avaya/Cisco business partner that has a good reputation. I wanted back into sales and sought out opportunities with companies that are agile, and customer focused. After networking with a few close friends, I landed on Cerium Networks.” Adam answered.

In his role as Account Executive at Cerium Networks, Adam works closely with a wide range of clients to analyze their data and communications needs and formulate strategies for creating world-class technology solutions. He leverages his extensive technical expertise to provide superior consulting and professional services to Cerium clients.

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