Deployment Models:

On-prem, Hosted Cloud, or Hybrid, which model is right for your organization? A number of factors should be considered when determining the best migration strategy and telephony deployment model for your organization. On-prem, Hosted Cloud, and Hybrid deployment models each have their advantages. The best deployment model depends on the unique requirements and circumstances of your organization.

On-Premises (On-Prem)
On-prem solutions are best suited for organizations:
  • With users concentrated at a central location and few remote locations
  • Have an IT staff that is capable of managing UC systems
  • That have predictable workforce seasonality and growth
  • Prefer investing in a solution as a capital expense
Hybrid solutions are best suited for organizations:
  • With a substantial number of secondary offices or branches. Hybrid solutions spin-up new remote offices with cloud solutions while the main office is on-prem.
  • That need the flexibility to move gradually to the cloud, one application at a time.
Hosted Cloud (UCaaS)
UCaaS solutions are best suited for organizations:
  • With an IT department that would be overburdened with UC solution management
  • With users requiring access to distributed data via the internet
  • Scalable for seasonal workers or evolving organizations
  • Prefer to spread the costs over time with predictable monthly subscriptions (OpEx vs. CapEx)

UC Platforms




SIP Trunking

UC Platforms

Cerium partners with the top three tier-one manufacturers of UC solutions that combine voice, video, data, voicemail, and automated attendant functionality that integrates with existing useful desktop applications like calendar, email, and CRM programs. In addition to a comprehensive set of call handling features, these solutions offer support for a wide array of IP phones, Internet connectivity, and public switched telephone network (PSTN) interfaces.

Solutions Include:
  • Avaya IP Office / Avaya Aura:
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Call Manager):
  • Microsoft Phone System: Extends the Skype for Business Online experience by adding telephony and conferencing capabilities.



Is your current phone system keeping up with the demands of your organization, or you are missing calls, or worse yet, losing sales due to a lack of features or functionality? Do you dread opening your phone bill each month? A voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solution can provide all the advanced features your organization needs with dramatic cost savings month after month.

VoIP allows you to make and receive calls, voicemail, and fax documents over your internet connection rather than a conventional phone line. VoIP technology offers greater reliability, flexibility, and scalability to grow and change with your business while providing advanced calling features that your traditional phone provider can’t offer.

VoIP phone systems can save your organization money, especially for international and other long-distance calls, reduce IT infrastructure by eliminating the need to maintain separate voice and data networks and provide capabilities such as chat, conferencing, instant messaging, fax, and much more, all in one system.

Cerium offers both hosted cloud and on-prem VoIP systems that are more affordable than you might expect.

SIP Trunking

SIP trunks provide a direct connection between your organization and your Internet telephony service provider (ITSP), extending VoIP telephony beyond your firewall without the need for an IP-PSTN gateway. Additionally, SIP trunks can carry instant messages, multimedia conferences, user presence information, enhanced 9-1-1 emergency calls, and other real-time communications services.

SIP trunks can be deployed over the Internet or over a dedicated line that may or may not share bandwidth with other IP traffic. A dedicated T1 or fiber optic line (leased line) between your organization and the ITSP generally cost more, but they typically carry the more simultaneous calls and offer the highest security and reliability.

It is less expensive to operate, maintain, and upgrade, SIP trunks than traditional phone lines or PRIs, and because ITSPs deliver services at substantial savings, your investment in SIP trunking can give a quick and substantial return on investment. SIP trunks can provide your organization with a high degree of control and flexibility to tackle complex communication requirements. They enable UC solutions to be customized to quickly and seamlessly to fit your specific needs. With privacy and security of data becoming more important with every passing day, the control that SIP trunking can add to your systems is invaluable.

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