Mobility is the driving technology in today’s workforce.

To be competitive, your business must adopt and maintain wireless networking and secured guest access solutions to be competitive and to attract today’s technology-savvy employees.

Cerium’s wireless practice offers high-level consultative services for the design, integration, implementation, and application of wireless solutions, including broadband voice, data, and video systems. Our engineers conduct wireless readiness assessments and wireless surveys. We partner with best-of-breed manufacturers to bring you the solutions that best fit your wireless needs for on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Wireless Solutions
  • Advanced Design
  • Predictive Heat Maps
  • Passive and Active Site Surveys
  • Indoor and Outdoor Solutions
  • Secure Guest Access SGA
  • Wireless Network Evaluation & Assessment
  • Capacity planning for application support and network growth


Professional Wireless Site Surveys & Capacity Planning

  • Predictive pre-deployment survey & design
  • Onsite physical pre-deployment survey & design
  • Post-deployment validation site survey & analysis
  • Pre-existing wireless network assessments
  • Capacity planning for application support and network growth

Wireless Network Evaluation & Assessment

  • Identification and resolution recommendations for wireless coverage gaps and holes
  • Remediation and recommendations for wireless deficiencies
  • Recommendations for WLAN authentication parameters, encryption parameters, SGA Secure Guest Access, etc.
  • A steps-to-success plan for remediation and WLAN optimization
  • Project planning, migration strategies, and capacity planning
  • RF spectrum analysis to discover and locate sources of interference

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