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I don’t know about you, but I have been loving this webinar series.In the last of this series, we ask the important question….is work at home here to stay? We take a deep look at long-term workplace collaboration strategies and the underlying technology options to maximize productivity.

Remote Worker vs Cloud UC, what’s the difference?

  • Cloud UC – Opportunity for revolutionary change
  • Putting the “Unified” into Unified Communications
  • When workers leave the office – they need BETTER communication tools
  • Does connectivity still matter?
  • Post COVID-19, the lasting impact – where do we go from here

And, we will discuss security considerations:

  • Addressing the 7 top security threats to UC – how UCaaS can bridge the gaps
  • Control plane, management plane, and user plane protections
  • Private vs Public Cloud – what’s the right fit?
  • User Adoption = New Vulnerabilities
  • Control = Responsibility and how UCaaS can lessen the IT security burden
  • Employees: Part of the problem or part of the solution?

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