Secure Remote Workers in Minutes

Recent events have forced many organizations to ramp up their support for remote work, and Cerium is here to help. This is putting a sudden strain on both IT and security teams who are tasked with providing support for an unprecedented number of offsite workers and their devices. 

Cerium and Cisco can get your team working remote quickly and securely and provide skilled resources for a successful implementation.

Remote work may be the new normal. Are you prepared?

Secure Your Remote Workers Using Cisco’s Free Security Offerings

Get extended free licenses and expanded usage counts at no extra charge for three of Cisco's key security technologies – Cisco Umbrella, Duo and Anyconnect.


Cisco Duo Multi-Factor Authentication

Cisco Anyconnect VPN

"Leadership decided that on Sunday night all non-distribution staff were to work from home starting the very next day on Monday. All staff came into their office, collected their PC, and immediately began to work from home. Thanks to our work with Cerium, the speed of which we could transition to a “flexible” work schedule was unprecedented in our company’s history. Everyone had access to the files they needed directly in Microsoft Teams, and of course, our phone system now follows the user. The transition was so smooth that me and my team did not receive even ONE IT ticket on the following Monday."

Special Offer ONLY from Cerium

Cerium is offering up to 40% off implementation services that directly support COVID-19 offers from our manufacturers.

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