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Contact Center Myth Busters

Episode One

Businesses must be able to meet consumers on their channel of choice if they want to meet customer expectations. Whether it’s chat, voice, SMS, social, or any other channel, creating an omnichannel experience is a must for today’s contact centers.

In the first episode of Contact Center Myth Busters, Cerium’s Contact Center Consultants, Kate and Hailey, discuss:

  • What is a true omnichannel experience?
  • The biggest myth about omnichannel technologies
  • How on-premises contact centers can utilize and benefit from cloud omnichannel solutions without replacing their existing technologies.

What is Omnichannel?

In today’s consumer age, businesses need to meet the customer on the channel of their choice, whether that’s through chat, voice, SMS, social media, or any other channel the customer desires. If the customer decides to switch channels midway through their journey, they should be expected to repeat information about their identity or the request that they’re making. That’s a true omnichannel experience.

Myth: Call Centers with on-premises technology can’t offer omnichannel features

Many contact center clients are heavily invested in premise-based tools, and they think that this prevents them from utilizing omnichannel tools, which are often cloud-based. That is a complete myth!

Thankfully, organizations with on-premises technologies don’t have to rip and replace their existing tools before they can use the features and benefits of omnichannel technologies. While omnichannel capabilities are primarily cloud-only, many can be stacked right on top of existing on-premises solutions.

Solutions like Webex Contact Center, Genesys DX, and eGain are all great options for customers who want to experience the advantage of omnichannel capabilities by layering them directly on top of their existing on-premises solutions. This empowers organizations to not only offer customers the channel of their choice but also to experience features like advanced reporting capabilities, automations and bots.

The Omnichannel Contact Center

Omnichannel tools allow agents the opportunity to serve customers from a place of knowledge because they provide insight into the customer’s entire journey. Providing these experiences not only increases customer satisfaction but strengthens the customer relationship with the organization that they’re doing business with.

Regardless of whether a contact center has on-premises technology, there are great omnichannel options available. At Cerium Networks, our contact center consultants have decades of experience across multiple industries. Our methodology is truly hands-on, consultative, and focused on creating successful business outcomes for not only your customers but for your contact center agents and supervisors too. 

Delight Your Customers, Inspire Your Team

Make experiences effortless, seamless, and context-driven— personalized across all touchpoints for customers and the employees who serve them.

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