Ray’s Myth Busters: Ray Speaks to Dell Technologies’ Cloud Strategy

In this Episode…

Ray & Gregg weigh in on Dell EMC’s cloud operational model and dispel the myth that only large organizations can reap the benefits of an on-premises, private cloud model. Dell Technologies doesn’t necessarily treat “the cloud” as a place, but rather an operational model. And here at Cerium, we support that approach. This is particularly useful because many of the popular SAAS applications such as Office 365 that organizations rely on can become cost-prohibitive very quickly when run solely on the public cloud. However, running them on a private cloud such as Dell EMC VxRail or Cisco Hyperflex can provide the same features and functionality as a public cloud, but at a fraction of the cost by using on-premises technology.

About This Series

As today’s data centers shift toward modernization, a number of misconceptions about data center technologies have emerged. In this series, Cerium’s data center experts, Ray Hall and Gregg Pruett, separate fact from fiction and debunk some of the most widespread myths surrounding backup and recovery, cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure, storage and more.

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